Photos Baku
Photos Baku

Photos - Soviet Baku

Comtourist spend a couple of days in Baku at the beginning of our 2011 Caucasus tour. The city will stand in the spot lights during the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest promoting itself as a modern prosperous city. Not much attention shall be given to the communist past of the Azeri capital, despite the importance of this period for the history of the country. We looked around in Baku in search for whatever monuments, buildings or other reminders of the Soviet period we could find.

We were happy to find out that a lot of buildings from the Soviet period still stand today. The former Palace of Soviets is still Baku´s most famous landmark and will probably clinch a spot in the top 10 of communist architecture. The giant Narimanov Statue is another great sight that remembers of the Soviet period. Check out the photos we made of Soviet Baku, combined with some historic photos from buildings and monuments that are now gone, found in old books and postcards.

Baku - House of Government

The Government House of Baku is a prime example of successful Soviet architecture that incorporates local culture

Baku - House of Government

The Baku Soviet Palace now called House of Government was constructed between 1936 and 1952 in baroque style

Baku - House of Government

The Government House in Baku here seen at night from former Lenin Square where a Lenin statue stood until 1990

Baku - Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street

Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street behind the House of Government is an example of the fusion between Soviet and local architecture

Baku - Boulevard

The beautiful Baku seaside promenade along the Caspian Sea that the Azeri call the Boulevard is a great place for a walk

Baku - Pearl cafe

Pearl Cafe with its concrete flower shaped roof on the boulevard of Baku is a masterpiece of Soviet architecture

Baku - Parachute Tower

The Baku Parachute Tower was used from 1936 to the 1960s when a fatal accident with a parachute jump occurred

Baku - Lenin museum

The building of the Baku branch of the Central V.I.Lenin Museum from 1960, now turned into a carpet museum

Baku - Lenin museum

The former Lenin Museum seen from the Baku boulevard peer where many teenagers hang out in the evening

Baku - Lenin museum

Soviet hammer and sickle carved in marble above the door of the former Lenin museum in the capital of Azerbaijan

Baku - 28 May Metro Station

28 May Metro Station build in 1967 and then named 28 April after the founding of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1920

Baku - Central railway station

The Soviet era Central Railways Station with the 28 May Metro Station and Jafar Jabbarly monument in the foreground

Baku - Shahriyar Cultural Club

The Shahriyar Cultural Club building with the Soviet communist signs now replaced by Azerbaijan national signs

Baku - TV Tower

Construction of the Baku TV Tower started in 1979 order by the Ministry of Communications of the USSR

Baku - State theatre of drama

The Azerbaijan State Academic Drama Theatre where many famous Soviet actors have performed in the past