Photos Minsk
Photos Minsk

Minsk - Exhibition centre

The BelEXPO exhibition centre on Masherov Avenue in Minsk

Minsk - Minsk exhibition centre

Column at the terrain of the National Exhibitions Centre in Minsk

Minsk - Island of Tears

Chapel on the Island of Tears, the Afghanistan war memorial

Minsk - Island of Tears

Guardian Angel of Belarus on Afghan War memorial Island of Tears

Minsk - Island of Tears

The Angel of Belarus, part of the Afghanistan war memorial

Minsk - Island of Tears

Enjoying a beer in front of the Island of Tears in Minsk Belarus

Minsk - Troitskoye Predmestie

Troitskoye Predmestie the recently restored old town of Minsk

Minsk - Bolshoi theatre

The Belarusian Opera and Ballet theatre under renovation

Minsk - Moscow Cinema

Soviet era Moscow Cinema Theatre on Masherov Avenue in Minsk

Minsk - Residential buildings

Residential buildings and a shop on Masherov Avenue, Minsk

Minsk - Moskva cinema

Classic Soviet Moskva cinema on Mashrov Avenue in Minsk

Minsk - BelEXPO

National Exhibition Centre part of BelEXPO in Minsk Belarus

Minsk - October Cinema

An other Soviet classic building in Minsk, October Cinema

Minsk - Palace of Sports

The Palace of sports build in 1966 and home of HC Dynamo Minsk

Minsk - Microraion

A Minsk outskirt called microraion with concrete Kruchev era flats