Photos Minsk
Photos Minsk

Minsk - Hero City Obelisk

Obelisk for the Soviet Hero City Minsk near Masherov Avenue

Minsk - Hero City Obelisk

Lenin Order and Gold Star Medal on the Minsk Hero City Obelisk

Minsk - Hero City Obelisk

Bronze woman with trumpet on the Obelisk to Hero City of Minsk

Minsk - Hero City Obelisk

The Minsk Hero City Obelisk were military paraded are held

Minsk - The State Circus

The round Belarus State Circus building in the Minsk centre

Minsk - City Council

The Soviet era City Council building on Independence Square

Minsk - City Gates

The neo classical Stalinist City Gates building sin Minsk

Minsk - Concert hall

Belarus Philharmonic Concert Hall on Yakub Kolas Square

Minsk - Minsk street sign

On Frantsisk Skorina Prospekt building blocks have a number

Minsk - Lenin Street

Stalinist neo classical buildings on Lenin Street in Minsk

Minsk - Gum warehouse

Minsk like other former Soviet capitals has a Gum State Warehouse

Minsk - Gum warehouse

Decorated Gum warehouse on Frantsisk Skorina Avenue in Minsk

Minsk - Apartment building

Decoration above a door of an apartment building in Minsk

Minsk - House of Government

The Belarusian House of Government on Independence square Minsk

Minsk - Lenin statue

The Minsk House of Government with a Lenin statue in front