Uzbekistan was the third country we visited during our 2009 Central Asia Tour. We had planned to spend most of our time in Uzbekistan so we could fully enjoy the historic Silk Road cities Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and the capital Tashkent. The absolute highlight in Uzbekistan was a camp trip we made to the Aral Sea that is changed in a desert due to massive Soviet irrigation programmes.

"Half a century ago the people of Uzbekistan, an equal among equals, acquired not only statehood but also an opportunity to do away with economic backwardness and freely develop their national culture. This opportunity became reality with the everyday assistance of all the fraternal Soviet peoples. This has transformed the former province of the tsarist empire into a flourishing republic of the Soviet East."
Soviet Uzbekistan, Nashrieti, Tashkent - 1974

Uzbekistan would probably be the first choice for travellers who would have to pick one of the Central Asia countries. We had a great time enjoying the variety the country has to offer to tourist. We will not forget the hospitality of the Uzbek people, who showed us their country and offered us food in their houses.

The state emblem of Uzbekistan that was adopted in 1992,  it looks similar to the emblem of the Uzbek SSR that it replaced

The Uzbekistan national emblem

Map of Uzbekistan where we traveled from Tashkent, then Khiva and Nukus, then to the Aral Sea by 4x4 and finally to the Silk Road Bukhara Samarkand

Our route trough Uzbekistan