Visiting Turkmenistan was one of the main objectives of our 2009 Central Asia Tour. We had heard many crazy stories about this country in the desert and wanted to see for ourselves how the former leader Turkmenbassy was worshipped North Korean style. We were not disappointed and had a great time in the country that tops many "Great Dictator" lists.

"If I was a worker and my president gave me all the things they have here in Turkmenistan, I would not only paint his picture, I would have his picture on my shoulder, or on my clothing. I’m personally against seeing my pictures and statues in the streets, but it’s what the people want."
Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenbashi) - 2005

The "crazy" factor in the former communist world has always been one of the main reasons to travel to these countries. Turkmenistan may top the "crazy" list but in the end it is a beautiful desert country with friendly people and a rich history and a bright future.

The Turkmenistan Flag

Map of Turkmenistan with the places we visited including visiting Dashoguz, the capital Ashgabat and the desert city Merv

Our route trough Turkmenistan