Photos Uzbekistan
Photos Uzbekistan

Bukhara - Ark fortress

The old Registan Square and Ark fortress in Bukhara Uzbekistan

Bukhara - Bolo Hauz mosque

The Bolo Hauz Mosque from 1718 with wooden columns gallery

Bukhara - Bukhara by night

Registan Square in Bukhara by night in blue and green colours

Bukhara - Char minar

Char Minar Gatehouse built along with its medressa in 1807

Bukhara - Bukhara city centre

Bukhara city centre with Kalon Minaret seen from the Ark fortress

Bukhara - Kalon minaret

Bukhara Kalon Minaret on Registan Square dating from 1127

Bukhara - Kalon mosque

The front of the 16th century Kalon Mosque with blue decorations

Bukhara - Kalon mosque

Beautiful white corridors Inside the 16th century Kalon Mosque

Bukhara - Lyabi Hauz Square

Eating and drinking around the pond of Lyabi Hauz Square

Bukhara - Mir i Arab medressa

16th century Mir i Arab Medressa in the Silk Road city Bukhara

Bukhara - Nadir Divanbegi Khanaka

Nadir Divanbegi Khanaka build in 1619 on Lyabi Hauz Square

Bukhara - Rooftop terrace restaurant

Rooftop terrace restaurant with view on the Kalon minaret

Bukhara - Bukhara shadows

Long shadows of the Comtourist editors in ancient Bukhara

Samarkand - Bibi Khanym mosque

Construction work around the Bibi Khanym Mosque in Samarkand

Samarkand - Guri Amir Mausoleum

Guri Amir Mausoleum the burial place of Uzbek hero Amir Timur