Photos Uzbekistan
Photos Uzbekistan

Moynaq - Moynaq ship graveyard

Fishing vessels in the dried up port of Moynaq on the Aral Sea

Moynaq - Moynaq ship graveyard

Soviet era fishing vessels rusting away in the Aral Sea desert

Moynaq - Moynaq ship graveyard

Abandoned fishing ship rusting away in the old Moynaq harbour

Aral Sea - Aral Sea expedition

Three UAZ all terrain vehicles ready for the Aral Sea expedition

Aral Sea - Uzbekistan team

The Aral Sea expedition team with local guides and drivers

Aral Sea - Aralkum desert lunch

Lunch in the Aralkum desert during our trip to the Aral Sea

Aral Sea - Aralkum desert camels

Camels are now grazing on the former bottom of the Aral Sea

Aral Sea - Aral Sea shore

The Aral Sea shore after a day of driving trough the desert

Aral Sea - UAZ-469

UAZ 469 4x4 cars climbing a hill on the former Aral Sea lakebed

Aral Sea - UAZ Simbir 31622

Our Aral Sea car was a Simbir, the newest UAZ 4WD model

Aral Sea - Aral Sea Campsite

Setting up camp near the retreating Aral Sea coast line

Aral Sea - Aral Sea Campsite

Our small tents on the campsite near the shore of the Aral Sea

Aral Sea - Aral Sea guide

Our very friendly guide mr. Quad with the Aral sea in the distance

Aral Sea - Aral Sea sunset

A beautiful sunset over the dying Aral Sea in Uzbekistan

Bukhara - Ark fortress

The Walls of the Ark fortress in the old town of Bukhara