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Photos Turkmenistan

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The last country that we visited during our Central Asia tour in 2009 was Turkmenistan, famous for its crazy former dictator Turkmenbasy. We started in Dashoguz were we visited Konye Urgench and from there flew to the capital Ashgabat, a city full with golden statues of the diseased leader. From Ashgabat we drove to Merv straight trough the Karakum desert.

Turkmenistan was a must see for our 2009 Central Asia travel itinerary, and we only just made it. We only managed to get our Visa’s arranged at the very last moment due to travel Swine flew restrictions. We entered Turkmenistan via the border near Nukus and were picked up by our guide after the usual formalities. The fist stop not far from the border was Konye Urgench an ancient Silk Road city remains of old buildings. We stayed the first night in Dashoguz from where we would fly to Ashgabat the next morning. The Turkmen capital filled with golden statues of former president Turkmenbasy is a very interesting experience. The highlights of Ashgabat are the Neutrality Arch, Walk of Health, Museum of Turkmen values, National Museum, Monument to Ruhnama and much more other monuments celebrating the eternal president. Not much of Soviet Ashgabat has remained after Turkmenbasy’s building frenzy, there still is a Lenin Statue on an oriental flavoured pedestal. From Ashgabat we drove trough the Karakum desert to Merv another ancient Silk Route city. After a day in Merv we crossed the Amu Darya River, crossed the border with Uzbekistan and headed for Bukhara.

Dashoguz - Turkmenbasy statue

Turkmenbasy (President Saparmurat Niyazov) statue in Dashoguz

Dashoguz - Turkmen propaganda

Turkmen president Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedow in Dashoguz

Konye Urgench - Turabeg Khanym mausoleum

Turabeg Khanum mausoleum the largest building in Konye Urgench

Konye Urgench - Ancient Khorezm

Gutlug Timur minaret and Sultan Ali and Soltan Tekesh’s Mausoleums

Konye Urgench - Arslan II mausoleum

The ancient Kho-rezmshah II Arslan mausoleum in Konye Urgench

Konye Urgench - Shaykh Najm mausoleum

Holiest Muslim sites, Nadjmed Din Kubra and sultan Aly Mausoleums

Ashgabat - Arch of neutrality

The Neutrality Arch with Niyazov statue that rotates with the sun

Ashgabat - Arch of neutrality

Former Turkmenistan president Turkmenbasy shining in the sun

Ashgabat - Water melons

Trucks take juicy melons from the fields during harvest time

Ashgabat - Independence monument

White dome shaped Independence monument decorated with gold

Ashgabat - Lenin statue

Unique Lenin statue o very interesting oriental pedestal

Ashgabat - Monument to Ruhnama

Monument with TV screen to Ruhnama (Niyazov’s teachings)

Ashgabat - Museum of Turkmen values

President Berdimuhammedow carpet in the museum of Turkmen values

Ashgabat - National Drama Theatre

Makhtumkuli national music and drama theatre in familiar style

Ashgabat - History museum

The National Museum of History in the capital of Turkmenistan