Photos Kyrgyzstan
Photos Kyrgyzstan

Ala Archa - Tian Shan mountains

Peaks of the Tian Shan mountains of Ala Archa Park seen from valley of the Ale Archa River

Ala Archa - Tian Shan mountains

Three of the mountains peaks that can be climbed from the Ala Archa base camp

Ala Archa - Tian Shan mountains

Hiking through the Tien Shan mountains in Ala Archa National park is a great experience with great views along the way

Ala Archa - Kyrgyz BBQ

The Kyrgyz like all the Central Asian people are very hospitable, being invited in peoples home or to join a BBQ is likely to happen for tourists

Ala Archa - Locals

Locals with their horses having lunch and relaxing in the park while the kids are playing

Ala Archa - Locals

Photo with some nice people from Bishkek who invited us for a BBQ and also to their home where they would slaughter a sheep for the occasion

Ala Archa - Soviet mountaineers cemetery

The Ala Archa mountaineers cemetery consist of graves and monuments for mountaineers and pilots who died on the Tien Shan mountains

Ala Archa - Soviet mountaineers cemetery

The mountaineers cemetery where people are buried who died on the mountains or choose this as last resting place

Ala Archa - Vladimir Kurgashev grave

Grave of Vladimir Kurgashev, the first of 9 mountaineers who was buried in 1964 at the Ala Archa Mountaineers cemetery

Ala Archa - Ivan Yevtushenko grave

Grave of Ivan Yevtushenko, a Kyrgyz photographer who shot many photos on the Ala Archa mountains

Ala Archa - Svyatoslav Zaytsev grave

Grave of Svyatoslav Zaytsev a Skier who died at the age of 32 years in 2001 when he was caught by an avalanche during a ski trip on Kungei Ala Atoo

Ala Archa - Nicholas Bashmanov grave

Grave of Nicholas Bashmanov, a 17 year old Kyrgyz mountaineer who died during a student volleyball match in Moscow

Ala Archa - Yevgeniy Koltov grave

Grave of Yevgeniy Koltov a Bishkek Alpinist and photographer who made many photo series about the nature of Ala Archa mountains

Ala Archa - Yuriy Karmazin grave

Grave of Yuriy Karmazin a local helicopter pilot who died during a helicopter crash in the Arpa Valley in 2004

Ala Archa - Boris Gusev grave

Grave of or memorial monument for Boris Gusev, an alpinist who died in 1986