Photos Kyrgyzstan
Photos Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek - Frunze monument

Giant monument in the city centre of Bishkek depicting Mikhail Frunze looking down on the spectators from his horse

Bishkek - Marx Engels monument

Monument of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in Oak park, that was placed to replace a Stalin monument

Bishkek - Maxim Gorky statue

Monument to the writer Maxim Gorky located in Gorky Park, behind the Palace of Sports

Bishkek - Felix Dzerzhinsky monument

Monument to KGB founder Felix Dzerzhinsky, it was moved from Oak Park to Tynystanova street in 1999

Bishkek - Ivan Panfilov monument

Monument dating to 1942 in honor of Kyrgyz and Soviet World War II hero Ivan Panfilov

Bishkek - Komsomol Heroes monument

Monument dedicated to the heroes of Komsomol of the 1920s and 1940s

Bishkek - Jumabek Ibraimov statue

Post Soviet monument to Ibraimov Jumabek, former mayor of Bishkek and prime minister of Kyrgyzstan from 1998 to 1999

Bishkek - Kojomkul monument

Monument from 1994 dedicated to Kojomkul, a legendary warrior of the Kyrgyz people and example to local sportsmen

Bishkek - Kasym Tynystanov statue

Statue of Kasym Tynystanov, a Kyrgyz scientist and pioneer of science, located in front of the National University

Bishkek - Aaly Tokombaev monument

Post Soviet monument to Aaly Tokombaev, a hero of Socialist Labour and recipient of the Order of Lenin

Bishkek - Alykul Osmonov monument

Post Soviet monument to national poet Alykul Osmonov

Bishkek - Constantine Yudakhin statue

Monument to Constantine Yudakhin, a Soviet linguist specialist in Turkic philology who worked on the development of a Soviet alphabet

Bishkek - Nasirdin Isanov statue

2003 monument to Nasirdin Isanov, the first Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan who died under suspicious circumstances in a car crash

Bishkek - Temirkul Umetaliev statue

Statue of Temirkul Umetaliev who was awarded the title of Peoples Poet of the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic in 1968

Bishkek - Djoomart Bokonbaev bust

1947 bust of poet and playwright Djoomart Bokonbaev, the monument was stolen in 2003 and beyond repair when later found