Photos Kyrgyzstan
Photos Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek - International University

Building of the Kyrgyz International University, constructed during the 1950s in typical classicists style with a tower

Bishkek - Academy of Sciences

The Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences building that was a branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR during Soviet times

Bishkek - City Hall

Bishkek City Hall with a Soviet star on the roof of the building

Bishkek - City Hall

Hammer and sickle decorations of the front of the Bishkek City hall building

Bishkek - Union House

The former House of the Unions (Dom Soyuz) with a Soviet decoration on the roof of the building

Bishkek - National Library

The marble national library building was constructed in the latte 1960s

Bishkek - Residential buildings

Residential buildings with the chimneys of the Bishkek Power Plant in the background

Bishkek - Alley of Youth

The Alley of Youth is a long avenue in the University neighborhood with fountains, monuments and cultural institutions

Bishkek - Alley of Youth

Kids playing on the square in front of the Philharmonic Hall near the Manas sculpture complex

Bishkek - Digital clock

Egg shaped clock, we are actually not sure who made it and from what period it is

Bishkek - Ferris wheel

Soviet era Ferris wheel that can still be seen in many parks and fair grounds in former Soviet countries

Bishkek - Soviet Fresco

Soviet era wall fresco on a building in Bishkek

Bishkek - Soviet Fresco

Faded Soviet wall fresco on the side of a building in Bishkek

Bishkek - Soda vending machine

Typical Soviet era soda vending machine that is really beat up but still in use today

Bishkek - Victory monument

Monument and sculptures build in 1985, for the 40th anniversary of the victory in World War II