Photos Kyrgyzstan
Photos Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek - The Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts has a large collection of Kyrgyz arts and crafts including Soviet works of art

Bishkek - Russian drama theater

The State National Russian Drama Theatre named after Chinghiz Aitmatov where Russian classics are performed

Bishkek - Russian drama theater

The Russian Drama Theatre was renovated in 1971and does not seem to have undergone any changes inside since

Bishkek - Theatre of opera

The Bishkek theatre of opera and Ballet with the Kyrgyz SSR Coat of Arms on the front was constructed in 1955 in classicists style

Bishkek - Kyrgyz parliament

Little girl waling in front of the Kyrgyz parliament building behind the former Lenin Museum

Bishkek - Kyrgyz parliament

Building that houses the President and Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

Bishkek - Kyrgyz drama theater

The building of the Kyrgyz National Drama Theater was constructed in 1970 and has 800 seats

Bishkek - Philharmonic hall

The Bishkek Philharmonic hall dates from 1980, the Manas Sculptural Complex in front of it was constructed in 1981

Bishkek - State circus

The Disc shaped Bishkek circus built in 1976 by architect L.Segal, V. Shadrin and A. Nezhurina

Bishkek - State circus

Exterior of the Bishkek circus that is constructed with typical 1970s Soviet building materials like steel, glass and marble

Bishkek - State circus

Corridors of the Circus seen tough the class form the outside

Bishkek - Cinema Russia

Kino theater

Bishkek - Naryn restaurant

Naryn restaurant in the area of the Victory monument and the Circus has been abandoned for more then ten years

Bishkek - Kyrgyz Telecom building

The Kyrgyz Telecom building constructed in 1979, with the most famous clock of the city on the tower

Bishkek - Post office

The main Post Office of Bishkek on the crossing of Abdrakhmanov Street and Chuy Avenue is the place to buy stamps