Photos Kyrgyzstan
Photos Kyrgyzstan

Kemin - Rostselmash Niva combine

Soviet era Rostselmash Niva combine harvester near the town of Kemin (Bestrovka in Soviet times) where many people worked on collective farms in the past

Kemin - Shabdan Batyr monument

Monument of Kyrgyz hero Shabdan Batyr, who though the Russian oppression during the 19th century

Boom Gorge - 2TE10M diesel locomotive

A 2TE10M diesel locomotive passes the Boom Gorge on its way from Balykchy to Bishkek

Boom Gorge - 1916 Rebellion monument

Monument from 2006 that honors the memory of over 100,000 people who died after a series of anti-Russian uprisings in Central Asia in 1916

Boom Gorge - UAZ-3962 Sanitarka

UAZ-3962 Sanitarka, the all-wheel drive ambulance version of the UAZ-452 here seen posting in the Boom Gorge near Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan

Balykchy - Balykchy bus station

The bus station of Balykchy, the main city on Lake Issyk Kul and destination for trains, busses and marshrutka to the lake from Bishkek

Balykchy - Lenin statue

Bronze Lenin statue in front of the Balykchy Town Hall

Balykchy - Lenin statue

Lenin statue in front of Issyk Kul Kino theater in the town of Balykchy

Balykchy - Lenin profile

Beautifully crafted Lenin profile on the roof of a building in Balykchy

Balykchy - World War II monument

World War II monument depicting a Mother and child who mourn the fallen Red Army soldiers

Balykchy - Yurts

Yurts near Lake Issyk Kul selling fried trout, whitefish, Kumis (fermented mare's milks) and sea ??buckthorn liquors

Balykchy - Yurts

Yurts between the Boom Gorge and Lake Issyk Kul sell all kind of local product to tourist from Bishkek and Almaty

Balykchy - Smoked fish

We were told that the smoked fish sold everywhere around the lake is actually imported from Russia

Balykchy - Lake Issyk Kul map

Map of Lake Issyk Kul showing the main towns around the lake and the Tien Shan mountains on the South shore

Cholpon Ata - Venus monument

Fountain with Venus (Cholpon) in the middle after who the town Cholpon Ata is names (Venus Father)