Photos Kyrgyzstan
Photos Kyrgyzstan

Ala Archa - Alexander Gubaev grave

Grave of Alexander Gubaev, a Kyrgyz mountaineer whom died on the K2 after getting lost in a storm on 29 July 2004

Ala Archa - Soviet mountaineers cemetery

Monument for six climbers who died on Communism Peak in the Pamir Mountains on 9 February 1987

Ala Archa - Peak Victory victims memorial

Memorial stone for three mountaineers, Bezzubkin Valeriy Bezzubkin, Rosalia Bezzubkin and Vladimir Milko who died on Peak Victory at 6200M in 1981

Ala Archa - Soviet mountaineers cemetery

Memorial for Aeroflot pilot Dedenko who crashed in the Ala Archa mountains in 1984

Ala Archa - Soviet mountaineers cemetery

Parts a crashed plane could be found din the Ala Archa mountains for a long time after the crash in 1984

Ala Archa - Mountaineers memorial

Memorial for mountaineers who died on climbing missions in the Tian San mountains

Ala Archa - Athanasius Shubin grave

Grave of alpinist Athanasius Shubin who died of altitude disease in 1967

Ala Archa - Children are our future!

Propaganda billboard depicting Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiyev with a group of children

Kant - World War II monument

World War II monument with the local Red Army soldiers that died while serving the Soviet Union

Tokmok - MiG-23 monument

MiG-23MS monument at the road entrance of Tokmok, the largest industrial city in Soviet Kyrgyzstan

Tokmok - Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MS

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23MS turned into a monument in the city of Tokmok Kyrgyzstan

Tokmok - Soviet trucks

Seven Soviet make trucks on a parking place in the city of Tokmok

Tokmok - Road works

Truck drawing lines on the road between Tokmok and Kemin

Kemin - Horse cart

Horse carts are a normal and often seen means of transportation in rural Kyrgyzstan

Kemin - State propaganda

Propaganda billboards with then Kyrgyz president Bakiyev could be seen everywhere in Kyrgyzstan during our visit in 2009