Photos Georgia
Photos Georgia

Tbilisi - Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace was recently constructed under orders of Saakashviliand is visible from many places in Tbilisi

Tbilisi - Merckhali Restaurant

Merckhali Restaurant in the Park of Dena Ena dedicated to Georgian language after demonstrations in 1978

Tbilisi - Kopala Restaurant

Kopala Restaurant has the best view over Tbilisi, excellent food, the best Georgian wines and is still affordable for tourists

Tbilisi - Kopala Restaurant

Rice and Saakashvili also had dinner on the terrace of the Kopala Restaurant just before the South Ossetia War

Tbilisi - Man and Sun Monument

The bronze Man and the Sun monument from 1981 created by the famous Georgian-Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli

Tbilisi - Grave of Stalin's mother

The grave of Ketevan Geladze, Stalin's mother at Mtatsminda Pantheon where many important Georgians are buried

Tbilisi - Hayder Aliyev bust

Bust of Azeri president Heydar Aliyev, Azerbaijan is a very important supplier of Gas and Oil for Georgia

Tbilisi - Giorgi Leonidze Statue

Statue of Giorgi Leonidze a Georgian poet who conformed to correct political line as demanded from Soviet artists

Tbilisi - Soviet monument of female warrior

Heroic statue of a half naked Soviet female warrior in the 9th of April Park in the Tbilisi city centre

Tbilisi - Alexander Griboedov statue

Statue of Alexander Griboedov a Russian diplomat and playwright, famous from the brilliant verse comedy The Woes of Wit

Tbilisi - Tbilisi Old town

Houses in a very bad state in the Old Town of Tbilisi, restoration has been slowed down by the bad economy

Tbilisi - Tbilisi Old town

The old town of Tbilisi at night with houses from the 5th century and Mount Mtatsminda on the background

Tbilisi - Avlabari District

One of the most famous landmarks of Tbilisi; traditional houses on the elevated banks of the Mtkvari River

Tbilisi - Avlabari District

Old Georgian houses with characteristic balconies looking over the Mtkvari River in the Avlabari District of Tbilisi

Tbilisi - Metekhi Church

The Metekhi cliff with the church and the equestrian statue of Georgian King Vakhtang Gorgasali