Photos Georgia
Photos Georgia

Kutaisi - Gelati Monastery

The Monastery of Gelati near the town of Kutaisi was founded by the King of Georgia David the Builder in 1106

Kutaisi - Gelati Monastery

Beautiful mosaics inside the Gelati Monastery depicting Theotokos, Archangels Michael and Gabriel and Marie with Jesus

Kutaisi - Hotel Lali

A cabinet that could be found in many Soviet households filled with various pieces of china in our hotel room in Kutaisi

Kutaisi - Belarus Piano

A Belarus Piano manufactured in the Soviet Union with the famous made in the USSR logo near the brand name

Batumi - Sub tropical vegetation

A beautiful view; sub tropical plants and trees on a hill near Batumi with the Black Sea in the background

Batumi - Beach lookout post

Deserted lifeguard lookout post on a rainy day in the Sea Side resort Batumi with the Black Sea in the background

Batumi - Kometa Type hydrofoil

A Soviet era Kometa Type hydrofoil out of the water in the Harbour of Batumi waiting to be serviced

Batumi - Batumi port terminal

The Soviet era Port Terminal of Batumi from where ferries and Hydrofoils depart to Russia, Turkey and Abkhazia

Batumi - Kvas street sales

Sales of Kvas, a rye drink is a common sight in the Ukraine and Russia and is also sold on the streets of Batumi

Batumi - Stalin Museum

The Batumi Stalin Museum is located in the house where Stalin lived in 1901 while organizing revolutionary activities

Batumi - Lada Taxi

Old Lada taxi's are a great way to get from A to B in Batumi and meanwhile experience a bid of Soviet nostalgia

Batumi - 6 May Park

6 May Park in Batumi named Pioneers Park during Soviet times had many recreational facilities for kids

Batumi - Soviet Hero bust

Every Hero of the Soviet Union got a memorial in their home town, here an example in the 6 May Park of Batumi

Batumi - Batumi Sea Side

The Batumi beaches have lost their Soviet cosiness but are still a great place for swimming and sunbathing

Batumi - Centre Point Ajara building

The new Ajara building in Batumi could well be an example what 21st century Soviet architecture could have looked like