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A Georgian story tells that god gave all the peoples a plot of land but he forgot the Georgians, he then decided to give them the most beautiful land that he wanted to keep for himself. And indeed, Georgia has incredibly diverse landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains near the Russian border, green valleys in the Kakheti region and a sub-tropical coast near the Black Sea. We had a great time traveling around in this ancient land.

We spend more than a week in Georgia during our 2011 Caucasus trip and encountered many great photo opportunities. The country is famous for its many medieval churches and monasteries against the backdrop of beautiful Caucasus mountains. Add the scenic Georgian Military Highway, Stalin in Gori, the sub-tropical Black Sea coast, the beautiful capital Tbilisi and you have plenty of great photo material. Two famous pictures of Georgia are Gergeti Trinity Church with Mound Kazbegi on the background and the many guard towers of the Tusheti region. Kazbegi was shrouded in fog during our visit and we did not manage to visit Tusheti, so we do have a good reason to return to Georgia one day!

Kakheti - Kakheti grapes

A farmer transporting grapes from the fields in Kakheti, one of the world's oldest and Georgia's best known wine region

Kakheti - Kakheti grapes

A vineyard in the Kakheti region where the best Georgian wine is produced, in the background are the Caucasus mountains

Kakheti - Gremi Castle

The royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels on a hill in Kakheti dating back to the 16th century

Kakheti - Alaverdi Monastery

The Georgian Orthodox Alaverdi Monastery in the Kakheti region, part of the monastery dates back to the 11th century

Kakheti - Akhali Shuamta Monastery

Akhali Shuamta was built in the 15Ith century by the wife of King Levan Iil, it still functions a monastery today

Telavi - Communist architecture

Building from the communist era in a rare unique architectural style, seen from a bus in a Telavi village

Telavi - Communist architecture

Residential building in the Telavi city centre with a tower where the hammer and sickle on the spine have been removed

Telavi - Telavi state drama theatre

The Telavi state drama theatre looks similar to many other Soviet theatre buildings including the chique interior

Telavi - King Erekle II statue

Statue of Erekle II, King of Kakheti, the last Georgian king from 1744 to 1798 until the country felt to the Persians

Tsinandali - Chavchavadze Estate

Wine cellar of Tsinandali Palace the home of the famous 19th century Georgian poet Alexander Chavchavadze

Telavi - Chacha distillery

Home installation for distilling Chacha, a very strong Georgian Vodka made from grape residue left after making wine

Sighnaghi - Old town

The beautiful old town of Sighnaghi located on a hill in the Kakheti province of Southern Georgia

Sighnaghi - World War II monument

Detail of the large Soviet era World War II memorial in Sighnaghi constructed on a wall in the town centre

Bodbe - Monastery of St. Nino

The Monastery of St. Nino at Bodbe is a major pilgrimage site for Georgian Orthodox believers honouring St. Nino

Bodbe - Monastery of St. Nino

Relics associated with St. Nino, the female evangelist of Georgia are kept at the monastery in Bodbe