Photos Azerbaijan
Photos Azerbaijan

Sheki - Sheki historical museum

More important people in the history of Sheki, all exhibits data back to the Soviet period and have not been altered

Sheki - Sheki historical museum

Orders with the picture of Lenin belonging to medals that were awarded to Sheki citizens during the Soviet period

Sheki - Sheki historical museum

World War II documents, the Germans never reached Azerbaijan which was one of their main objectives in the East

Sheki - Sheki historical museum

An Azeri carpet depicting Lenin and the crest of the USSR, the carpet looks a bid removed from the standard Soviet style

Sheki - Bazar

Locals shopping for herbs, meat and vegetables at the Sheki Bazaar

Sheki - Bazar

Taking a picture with a young local man from Sheki at the Bazaar

Sheki - Bazar

Parking behind the Sheki Bazaar where the locals parked their Lada's and other Soviet era cars

Sheki - Lemonade machine

Lemonade machine on the Sheki Bazaar, these machines were seen a lot during Soviet times and are now disappearing vastly

Sheki - Soviet fresco

Deteriorating Soviet era wall Fresco depicting workers and scientists on a wall near the Sheki Bazaar

Sheki - Guide Balash

Our guide Balash is a great guy with a lot of knowledge on history of Azerbaijan including the Soviet period

Sheki - Hay cart

Local farmer near Sheki transporting hay with his horse driven cart

Balakan - Azeri - Georgian Border

Sign welcoming people in Azerbaijan on the Azeri - Georgian Border at Balakan

Baku - Harbour

Oil tanker named after Soviet Hero Gafur Memmedov with four other tankers in the petroleum harbour of Baku

Baku - Luga class training ship

Luga class cadet training ship (project 888) build in Gdansk Poland in 1977 used by the Azeri navy for training purpose

Baku - Petya class light frigate

Petya class light frigate (project 159) of the Azeri navy dating from the 1960 Soviet navy and build in Kaliningrad