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Photos Azerbaijan

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Our 2011 Caucasus journey started in the former Soviet Republic Azerbaijan, the ancient Silk Road country on the Caspian Sea. We spend most of our time in the capital Baku, a city that is rapidly transforming to a modern capital thanks to Oil money and great ambitions. We shot some great pictures of Azerbaijan, a photogenic country with a buzzing capital, rough nature and many important historical sides dating back to ancient times.

We made our first interesting photographs of Azerbaijan from the air looking down on the famous Oil Rocks near Baku. The Baku cityscape is a mixture of medieval buildings from the Silk Road period, 1950s Stalinist architecture and modern buildings designed by world famous architects. Gobustan is a region close to Baku with many interesting sights like the James Bond Oil fields, petroglyphs and Mud Volcanoes. Absheron Peninsula is also very close to Baku with attractions like the Yanar Dag Fire Mountain, Surakhani Fire Temple, Mardakan Castle and giant oil fields with thousands of Oil Derricks and Pump Jacks. Our visit of Azerbaijan ended in Sheki close to the Georgian border where we spend the night in a beautiful Caravanserai from the Silk Road era that still serves as a Hotel today.

Baku - Heydar Aliyev Airport

The Terminal of Heydar Aliyev International Airport that was opened in 1999 after a ten year long renovation

Baku - House of Government

The Government House of Baku is a prime example of successful Soviet architecture that incorporates local culture

Baku - House of Government

The Baku Soviet Palace now called House of Government was constructed between 1936 and 1952 in baroque style

Baku - House of Government

The Government House in Baku here seen at night from former Lenin Square where a Lenin statue stood until 1990

Baku - Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street

Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street behind the House of Government is an example of the fusion between Soviet and local architecture

Baku - Boulevard

The beautiful Baku seaside promenade along the Caspian Sea that the Azeri call the Boulevard is a great place for a walk

Baku - Pearl cafe

Pearl Cafe with its concrete flower shaped roof on the boulevard of Baku is a masterpiece of Soviet architecture

Baku - Parachute Tower

The Baku Parachute Tower was used from 1936 to the 1960s when a fatal accident with a parachute jump occurred

Baku - Effes beer

Refreshing Turkish Effes Beer is very popular in Azerbaijan and sold on many of the terraces on the Baku boulevard

Baku - Harbour tour

Boats leave every 15 minutes and sail out to the Caspian Sea where some great pictured of Baku can be made

Baku - Baku by night

Baku seen at night from the Caspian Sea with the well lighted boulevard and the famous Soviet era Pearl Cafe

Baku - Lenin museum

The building of the Baku branch of the Central V.I.Lenin Museum from 1960, now turned into a carpet museum

Baku - Lenin museum

The former Lenin Museum seen from the Baku boulevard peer where many teenagers hang out in the evening

Baku - Lenin museum

Soviet hammer and sickle carved in marble above the door of the former Lenin museum in the capital of Azerbaijan

Baku - 28 May Metro Station

28 May Metro Station build in 1967 and then named 28 April after the founding of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1920