Photos Armenia
Photos Armenia

Yerevan - Railway Station

The Yerevan Railway Station with the famous monument of Armenian Hero Sasuntsi Davit in front of it

Yerevan - Russia Cinema

The former Russian cinema and is now a clothing bazaar, the two parts of the roof symbolize the peaks of Mount Ararat

Yerevan - TV tower

Yerevan TV Tower built from 1974 to 1977 allowed the Yerevan citizens to receive Moscow Central television

Yerevan - Children's Cafe

The former Children's Cafe in Victory park overlooking Yerevan has now fallen in decay

Yerevan - Lunapark

Lunapark is a children's amusement park in Yerevan, some off the attractions still date to the Soviet period

Yerevan - Central Market

The Yerevan Central Market also known as the Sev shuka looks very old but was only constructed in 1952

Yerevan - Central Market

The Yerevan Central Market with fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, tonir-baked lavash bread and local cheese

Yerevan - Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque of Yerevan was build by the Persians in 1768 when Armenia was a province of Persia

Yerevan - Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art on Mashtots Avenue is an example of 1970s Soviet architecture

Yerevan - Matenadaran Museum of Manuscripts

The Yerevan Matenadaran holds one of the world's richest depositories of medieval manuscripts and books

Yerevan - Chekhov school

School Nr 55 named after A. Chekhov on Marshal Baghramian Avenue where many government buildings are located

Yerevan - Academy of Sciences

The Building of the Armenian SSR Academy of Sciences in Yerevan that was founded in during World War II in 1943

Yerevan - Presidents Office

The former building of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR, now the Presidents office constructed in 1953

Yerevan - National Assembly

The building for the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Armenia now the National Assembly from 1950

Yerevan - American University

The building of the American University of Armenia was repaired with American money after the 1988 Leninakan Earthquake