Photos Armenia
Photos Armenia

Sisian - ZIL-130 truck

A Soviet era ZIL-130 truck driving on the scenic Highway to Yerevan in the Sisian province of Armenia

Sisian - Sisian road

A van on a concrete Soviet era car bridge, these bridges can still be found in many former Eastern Bloc countries

Sisian - GAZ-3110 Volga

A GAZ-3110 Volga car overtaking a herd of sheep on a road in the picturesque Sisian province of Armenia

Sisian - Sheep

Armenian shepherds on horses herding their sheep over a highway are a common sight in the Sisian province

Sisian - Spandaryan Reservoir

Spandaryan Reservoir is a large man-made lake built around 1980 in the Arpa River basin in the Syunik Province

Vayk - Bus Station

The Bus Station in the town of Vayk that was named Azizbekov in the Soviet era

Yekhegnadzor - Gaz station

Gas station in Yekhegnadzor, petrol is very expensive in Armenia, many cars are converted to drive on natural gas

Ararat - Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat, here seen from the highway to Yerevan is the symbol of Armenia but now lies in Turkish territory

Ararat - Khor Virap

The photo tourist need to bring home from Armenia, Khor Virap monastery with Mount Ararat in the background

Ararat - Khor Virap

Armenia is a beautiful country with fantastic scenery and great people but also with a burdened history

Yerevan - Ani Plaza Hotel

Ani Plaza was the best known tourist hotel in Yerevan during Soviet times and is a popular hotel today

Yerevan - Ani Plaza Hotel

Soviet time interior in the restaurant of the Ani Plaza Hotel in the Armenian capital Yerevan

Yerevan - Cascade

The Yerevan Cascade is a busy meeting point that was build in the 1970s as a Soviet Monument

Yerevan - Cascade

Escalators inside the Yerevan Cascade that are now owned by the Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art

Yerevan - Opera House

The Alexander Spendiarian Armenian Opera and Ballet National Academic Theatre was constructed in 1933