Photos Armenia
Photos Armenia

Noravank - Noravank Gorge

Noravank Gorge a narrow gorge made by the Amaghu river, nearby the city of Yeghegnadzor 122 km from Yerevan

Noravank - Erich Honnecker

Erich Honnecker supposedly died in 1994 in Chili, however, Comtourist spotted a man in Armenia that looks exactly like him

Areni - Areni Wine Factory

Boys working at the Areni whine factory are offloading grapes that have just been harvested from fields in the area

Areni - Areni Wine Factory

Locals bring their home grown grape harvest to the Areni Wine House by any means possible, in this case in a Lada

Areni - Wine Sales

Cheap home made red wine is sold in Coca Cola bottles everywhere in the Areni region on the road to Yerevan

Ararat - Turkish border

A Turkish lookout tower seen in Ararat from the road to Yerevan, relations between Turkey and Armenia are tense

Sisian - Zorats Karer

Zorats Karer, often called the Armenian Stonehenge is a prehistoric burial place near the city of Sisian

Khndzoresk - Armenian Rock Lizard

The Armenian Rock Lizard is a species of Darevskia, a genus of lizard belonging to the family of wall lizards

Khndzoresk - Khndzoresk Cave Village

People started living in the caves of Khndzoresk over thousand years ago and still lived there until 1958

Goris - Hotel Mina

Hotel Mina is a recently constructed Hotel in Goris, so no characteristic Soviet 1980s atmosphere here

Tatev - Devils Bridge

The Devils Bridge is a natural bridge over the Voroton Gorge that runs 800m between Tatev and Arzhis

Tatev - Tatev Monastery

The 9th century Tatev Monastery is beautifully located on a mountain top in the Syunik Province of Southern Armenia

Tatev - Tatev Monastery

The scenic view on the Zangezur Mountains from the Tatev Monastery in the Syunik Province of Southern Armenia

Goris - Cattle

Cattle like cows, sheep, and goats are encountered all the time on the roads of rural Armenia, here horses in Goris

Goris - Iranian truck

Iranian trucks transporting oil are a common sight in the mountains Sisian province in Southern Armenia