Photos Armenia
Photos Armenia

Ararat - LuAZ-969M

The LuAZ-967 is a small Soviet four-wheel drive amphibious vehicle, designed in 1959 at the Moskvitch MZMA plant

Yerevan - Armenian SSR coat of arms

The Armenian SSR coat of arms prominently features Mount Ararat, regarded as the national symbol of the Armenia

Yerevan - Armenian flag

The Armenian flag with red, blue and orange bands was adopted by the Armenian Supreme Soviet on 24 August 1990

Yerevan - Armenia Map

Map of Armenia showing our route starting in the Lori province, then Lake Sevan, Goris, Ararat to end in Yerevan

Yerevan - Armenia Visa

A Visa for Azerbaijan can be obtained on the border, arranging it at home will save time when entering Armenia

Garni - Garni temple

The Garni temple situated 32 km southeast from Yerevan is one of the main tourist attractions of Armenia

Geghart - Geghart monastery

Interior of the Geghart monastery near Yerevan, the monastery is partially craved out of the adjacent mountain