Photos Ukraine
Photos Ukraine

Odessa - Potemkin stairs

The Potemkin stairs, Odessa and the Ukraine’s most famous landmark

Odessa - Marshall Malinovsky statue

Bust of Soviet Marshall Rodion Yakovlevich Malinovsky in Odessa

Odessa - Potyomkin sailors monument

The Potyomkin Sailors Monument moved to Tamozhennaya Square

Odessa - Odessa hero city obelisk

Obelisk in honour of the Hero City of Odessa on April 10 Square

Odessa - Unknown sailors monument

Pioneers guarding the unknown sailors monument in Odessa

Odessa - Odessa Sailors

Odessa sailors and teenage girls if front of a packed tram

Odessa - Music Comedy Theatre

Soviet style Odessa State Regional Music Comedy Theatre

Odessa - Odessa street market

Odessa inhabitants setting up their goods in the early morning

Odessa - Ukraine Transnistria border

Queue for the Transnistria border where we were not let in

Nerubayskooe - Nerubayskooe catacombs

Communication equipment used by the Nerubayskooe partisans

Nerubayskooe - Nerubayskooe partisan monument

Monument dedicated to Soviet partisans in Nerubayskooe village