Photos Ukraine
Photos Ukraine

Yalta - Lenin statue

Lenin with the green hills and blue Crimean sky on the background

Yalta - Livadia palace

Table were the allied partners met during the Yalta conference

Yalta - Livadia palace

Russian princess dressing up as a princess at Livadia palace

Yalta - Sanatorium Kurpaty

Sanatorium Kurpaty 8KM from Yalta seen from the black sea

Yalta - Swallows Nest

Swallows Nest on a hills is the most famous Crimean landmark

Simferopol - Hotel Moscow

Soviet style Hotel Moscow in the City Centre of Simferopol

Simferopol - Crimean musical theatre

Crimean Ukrainian musical theatre in Soviet architecture style

Simferopol - Lenin statue

Lenin still stands proudly in the Crimean capital Simferopol

Simferopol - T-34 monument

Great Patriotic War monument with T-34 tank in Simferopol

Simferopol - Word war II monument

Word war II monument in Simferopol depicting Red Army soldiers

Simferopol - Ak Mechet quarters

Tatar living quarter Ak-Mechet, the older area of Simferopol

Simferopol - Kebir Gami mosque

Kebir-Gami Mosque from 1501 in Kurchatov Street in Simferopol

Simferopol - Simferopol Railway Station

Tower of the Simferopol Railway Station with Soviet star

Simferopol - Simferopol - Odessa train

Our train from Crimean capital Simferopol to the city of Odessa

Odessa - Odessa Railway Station

Communist sculpture on the front of the Odessa railway station