Photos Ukraine
Photos Ukraine

Sevastopol - Heroic defenders memorial

Soldier and Sailor Memorial to Heroic Defenders of Sevastopol

Sevastopol - Hero city obelisk

The Sevastopol Hero City obelisk is now in bad condition

Sevastopol - 1941- 1942 defenders monument

1941- 1942 Sevastopol defenders monument in grand Soviet style

Sevastopol - Sevastopol defence panorama

The building of the Sevastopol defence panorama build in 1904

Sevastopol - City honour board

Lenin Order and Gold Star Medal on the City Honour Board

Sevastopol - 200th anniversary memorial

200 year Sevastopol anniversary memorial on the road to Balaklava

Sapun Mountain - Sapun mountain diorama

Building of the Storm of Sapun Mountain on May 7 1944 diorama

Balaklava - Submarine base entrance

Entrance of the Soviet secret submarine base in Balaklava

Balaklava - Submarine base water tunnel

Dry-dock area where submarines can be serviced and repaired

Balaklava - Submarine base tunnel

Entrance to the munitions room, were nuclear weapons were stored

Kazachya Bay - Kazachya Bay dolphinarium

Navy Dolphinarium were military Dolphins are trained in the winter

Yalta - Hotel Yalta

Front of the giant Yalta Hotel complex with folklore decorations

Yalta - Yalta beaches

People enjoying the nice Crimean weather on the beaches of Yalta

Yalta - Exhibition building

Typical contrast expensive cars and Soviet era art in Yalta

Yalta - Ukrainian government building

Ukrainian government building with Hammer and sickle on the front