Photos Ukraine
Photos Ukraine

Kiev - RSD-10 Pioneer Missile

RSD-10 Pioneer ballistic missile, NATO name SS-20 Saber

Kiev - Great Lavra Bell tower

The Great Lavra Bell tower of Pechersk Lavra the cave monastery

Kiev - St. Andrews church

Saint Andrew’s Church, an architectural landmarks of the Ukraine

Kiev - Chernobyl museum

Suits used by Soviet rescue workers during the Chernobyl disaster

Kiev - University metro station

A sleeping man disturbed by metro official in University Station

Kiev - Mimino restaurant

Mimino is a famous Soviet comedy movie about an helicopter pilot

Kiev - Lada with flat tire

Lada taxi with flat tire on the middle of a busy road in Kiev

Sevastopol - Artilleriyskaya bay

Sevastopol and Artilleriyskaya bay seen from Cape Khrustalny

Sevastopol - Grisha class corvette

Russian navy Grisha class Anti Submarine Corvette’s in Sevastopol

Sevastopol - Romeo and Kilo class subs

Activity around the Russian Romeo and Kilo class submarines

Sevastopol - Ropucha class landing ship

Ukrainian Ropucha I class large landing ship Kostiantyn Olshansky

Sevastopol - Admiralets class workboat

Ukrainian Admiralets class workboat (Project 371U) in Sevastopol

Sevastopol - Russian navy propaganda

Russian Navy propaganda, The Russian Navy courage and honour!

Sevastopol - Lenin statue

Lenin looking towards the Black Sea from a hill in Sevastopol

Sevastopol - Scuttled ships monument

Monument to Scuttled ships for the first defence of Sevastopol