Photos Ukraine
Photos Ukraine

Photos Ukraine 2006

Our 2006 holiday took us trough some of the most beautiful parts of the Ukraine. We started in the capital Kiev where we spend some days chilling on the Dnieper river. From Kiev we took a train to the Crimea where we visited Sevastopol, Balaklava, Yalta and Simferopol. We ended our journey in the famous Black Sea port of Odessa.

These destinations nicely combine great cities with relaxing time on Black Sea beaches. Much in the Ukraine still reminds off Soviet times, Lenin statues, Soviet cars, architecture and habits are very much alive in this region. The tour was a great experience and we can recommend anybody visiting the Ukraine, we will certainly come back. We hope to see Lviv and the industrial East of the country on our next visit.

Kiev - Dnieper river

The Dnieper river seen from the train with view on the old town

Kiev - Slavutych hotel

Our neighbours in the Slavutych hotel, a Moldavian folk choir

Kiev - Hydropark Dnieper river

Kiev inhabitant fishing in the Dnieper river on a Hydropark beach

Kiev - Berehynia monument

Berehynia monument on the centre of Independence square

Kiev - Khreschatyk Street

Stalinist neo classical architecture on Khreschatyk street

Kiev - House of Trade Unions

House of trade unions built in late 1970s on Independence square

Kiev - National circus

Ukrainian national circus building on Victory square built in 1960

Kiev - Ukrainian house

Gallery of the former Lenin museum now called Ukrainian House

Kiev - Hero city Obelisk

Hero City Obelisk honouring the city of Kiev, erected in 1982

Kiev - Lenin statue

Lenin statue by Sergei Merkurov on Taras Shevchenko Boulevard

Kiev - The People’s Friendship arch

People’s Friendship Arch for the unification of Russia and Ukraine

Kiev - Motherland monument

The sun behind the motherland statue at Rodina Mat Complex

Kiev - Fording the Dnieper Sculpture

Sculpture of a Katyusha rocket launcher with red army soldiers

Kiev - Hall of Glory

Mosaic depicting civilian and military hero’s in the Hall of Glory

Kiev - Gall of Berlin

Diorama depicting the fall of Berlin with the Reichstag in 1945