Photos Belarus
Photos Belarus

Photos - Belarus 2006

Roughly every second year Comtourist undertakes a grand journey in one or more countries of the former communist world. One of our goals is to visit every former Soviet republic and its capital, in 2006 we choose to combine Belarus and the Ukraine. We started in Belarus where we only visited Minsk. We really would like to go back to Belarus and see more of this beautiful country.

Belarus deserves more time then just a few days but that was the only time we had available in 2006 before we moved on to the Ukraine. We were able to shoot many interesting photos is Minsk however. The Belarusian capital was totally destroyed after World War II and rebuild according Socialist Realist architectural style. Almost none of the Soviet era monuments and buildings have been removed or replaced in Minsk so it truly feels like a Soviet city. This feeling is amplified by the ever present propaganda glorifying president Lukashenko and the motherland.

Kiev - Map of Belarus and the Ukraine

Map showing our 2006 journey trough Belarus and the Ukraine

Minsk - Tupolev Tu-154

Baggage offloading of a Belavia Tupolev Tu-154 at Minsk airport

Minsk - Belarus hotel

Minsk Belarus Hotel Swimming pool with fantastic wall fresco

Minsk - House of Government

The Belarusian House of Government on Independence square Minsk

Minsk - Trade unions palace

Neo classical Trade Unions Palace on October Square in Minsk

Minsk - National Bank

The building of the National bank of Belarus near October Square

Minsk - 8th of March Square

8th of March Square in Minsk with beautiful Soviet architecture

Minsk - KGB headquarters

The headquarters of the Belarusian secret police still named KGB

Minsk - City Gates

The neo classical Stalinist City Gates building sin Minsk

Minsk - Victory column

The Word War II Victory Column on Victory Square in Minsk

Minsk - Residence of the president

Residence of the President of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk

Minsk - Central House of Officers

Entering the Central house of Officers in Minsk with a soldier

Minsk - October Cinema

An other Soviet classic building in Minsk, October Cinema

Minsk - Moskva cinema

Classic Soviet Moskva cinema on Mashrov Avenue in Minsk

Minsk - Palace of Sports

The Palace of sports build in 1966 and home of HC Dynamo Minsk