01-Apr-2012 City Baku is preparing for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with giant construction and renovation projects. Great ambitions backed by oil money are transforming the Azeri capital in a modern boom town. Comtourist visited Baku in 2011 in search for the Soviet past amidst this building frenzy. We managed to find some interesting Soviet legacy, and got our hands on some old Baku promotion video’s as a bonus. More: Soviet Baku then and now

22-Mar-2012 Journey One Comtourist objective is to visit every Soviet republic before 2015. In October 2011 we managed to remove three countries from our list after visiting the Caucasian republics. A four week journey took us through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and finally Nagorno-Karabakh. The countries of the Caucasus are great places to visit with beautiful cities and landscapes, delicious food, friendly people, a turbulent history and a challenging future. More: The mountains of the Caucasus

27-Jul-2011 Journey In 2009 Comtourist made a one month journey through the Centrals Asian countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Each of these former Soviet republics that once lay on the famous Silk Road boasts many cultural and historic and natural treasures. These countries were also heavily influenced by the Soviet Union with many leftovers that remind of the Soviet period. Our journey trough Central Asia was probably the most beautiful journey we have made so far. More: The steppes of Central Asia

14-Jul-2011 Journey We planned to have a look in North Korea for many years already. We wanted to witness for ourselves what live in a totalitarian communist state is like. In 2004 we decided to book a tour trough he worlds most reclusive country. We drove trough the country, walked through Pyongyang, had to take part in worshipping the Great leader waved to US GI’s at the border and witnessed a mass celebration. The strangest experience however is loosing most of your freedom for a week. We shot a lot of photographs and film that can be seen on many pages about on this website. More: A week in North Korea

04-Apr-2011 City Nowa Huta is a communist model city near Krakow built as the Soviet response to the US Marshall help. The city and the giant Lenin Steel Mill were constructed near Krakow as a gift from the USSR to Poland. Nowa Huta is only 25 minutes away from Krakow and a prime example of Socialist Realist architecture and city planning. A great way to visit Nowa Huta is with a “communist nostalgia” Tourist organization like Crazy Guides. More: Nowa Huta city guide

28-Jan-2011 Journey For our 2006 journey we chose the Ukraine as our primary destination. We already wanted to go there for a while and now seemed to be the right time. The Orange revolution was only one and a half year earlier, no more visa were needed to enter the country and Kiev was reviewed as a hot city in many travel reviews. Minsk was also a place high on the to-do list so we decided to add Belarus to the destination list. More: Belarus and Ukraine 2006

07-Jan-2011 City The association that most people have with Pyongyang is probably an image of endless colons of tanks, mobile rocket installations and soldiers parading for the great leader on a big square, cheered on by thousands of ecstatic people. This image actually gives a good idea about this city, it feels more like a stage for mass rally’s and military parades then an actual living city! Comtourist visited Pyongyang in 2004 and we made a three page city guide showing the highlights of the North Korean capital. More: Pyongyang city guide

20-Dec-2010 City Krakow is a cheap destination from many European cities, has a beautiful old city centre, a long and interesting history and many a tourist attractions in the area. We recommend Krakow to everybody who is looking for a great city trip. Comtourist have visited Krakow multiple times so we have some good tips for a city trip to this beautiful Polish city. More: Krakow city guide

01-Dec-2010 City Comtourist spend three days in the Belarusian capital Minsk in 2006, we made a city guide with tips for what to do and where to go, plus an overview of the most interesting Soviet architecture and monuments. Visa procedures for a visit to Belarus are tedious and expensive but a city trip is well worth the effort. Minsk has plenty of historic places, beautiful architecture and places to shop eat and drink. More: Minsk city guide

20-Nov-2010 Journey Comtourist has the objective to visit all the former Soviet republics and Eastern Block countries before 2020. In 2007 we took ferry from Rostock Eastern Germany to the Estonian capital Tallinn with our car and a tent. We camped four weeks in the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and ended our holiday in the Russian enclave Kaliningrad. We had a great holiday in the Baltic countries enjoying the old cities, beautiful nature and extensive Soviet heritage. We can recommend a camping holiday in the Baltics to anybody. More: Baltics 2007