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Comtourist uses Social Media websites so that our viewers and friends can stay in touch with us. We tweet website our updates and breaking news, let you know what is happening at Comtourist on Facebook and post our video’s on our Youtube Channel.

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Follow us on our Twitter account #comtourist . We tweet site updates so that you know when to check Comtourits. We also keep you posten on news relating to travel, history, fun and politics in the former communist world.

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You can help Comtourist by clicking the Facebook Like button found on the bottom of most pages. You can also go to and become a Comtourist friend on Facebook.

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It is our aim to post all our video’s on our Youtube Channel . We will also create favourite list relating to our content with video’s posted by others.

Watch all our video’s plus vdieo’s of others that we like on the Comtourist Youtube Channel

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