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Comtourist undertakes a grand journey trough multiple countries of the former USSR and communist world every two or three years

Belarus country profile

Comtourist country profile for the former Soviet republic Belarus often called the last dictatorship of Europe bud a great place to visit

The mountains of the Caucasus

In 2011 we had the three former Soviet Republics of the Caucasus on our programme, it was a great trip with many highlights


We started our 2011 Caucasus Tour in Azerbaijan, a beautiful country on the Caspian Sea with a great capital and many historic Silk Route places


Comtourist visited many beautiful places in Georgia including, Telavi, Mtskheta, Gudauri, Gori, Kutaisi, Batumi and the capital Tbilisi


We entered Armenia in the Lori province, stayed at Lake Sevan, the Capital Yerevan and ended in the Sisian province near Karabakh

Nagorno Karabakh

We included Nagorno Karabakh in our 2011 Caucasus tour to see the impressive mountains and visit the cities of Sushi and Stepanakert

Photos Azerbaijan

Comtourist photos of Azerbaijan from the capital Baku, the Absheron Peninsula, Gobustan National Park and the ancient town of Sheki

Photos Georgia

Georgia has seen difficult times recent years, it is still a great place to visit with beautiful nature, old monasteries and a great capital

Photos Armenia

Armenia is a beautiful former Soviet Republics with rough mountainous landscapes, early Christian churches and a great capital

Photos Nagorno Karabakh

A brutal War was fought over Nagorno Karabakh in 1991, we visited the country twenty years later an got some great pictures

Nowa Huta city guide

Nowa Huta is a city build after the war in Socialist Realist style intended to be an utopia for the workers of the Lenin Steelworks

Photos Nowa Huta

Photos of Nowa Huta a communist model town build in Socialist Realist architectures style close to the Polish city of Krakow

Krakow city guide

Krakow is an ideal destination for a city trip in Eastern Europe with a beautiful old city centre and many tourist attractions in the area

Photos Krakow

Photos of Krakow; a beautiful Polish city with an old city centre, many historic buildings good hotels and interesting tourist attractions

Belarus and Ukraine 2006

In 2006 we spend a month in the former Soviet republics Belarus and the Ukraine staying in Minsk, Kiev, the Crimea and Odessa

Minsk site seeing

On our last day in Minsk we went shopping and visited the Dynamo stadium, Gorky Park and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Minsk Prospekt Nezavisimosti

We spend the first days in Minsk exploring Prospekt Nezavisimosti the main street build in Stalinist neo classical architecture


The second destination of our 2006 journey was the Ukrainian capital Kiev were enjoyed the grand architecture, museums and monuments

Photos Belarus

In 2006 Comtourist did a four week tour in Belarus and the Ukraine, we started in Belarus where we stayed in Minsk for a couple of days

Photos Ukraine

Photos of our 2006 visit of the Ukraine, we started our holiday in Kiev, from there took the train to the Crimea and ended in Odessa

Photos Kiev

Kiev is an upcoming travel destination in Europe. Comtourist spend a couple of days there during our Ukraine journey in 2006

Photos Rodina Mat Kiev

Rodina Mat in Kiev combines the giant motherland statue, Museum of the Great Patriotic war, Military and Afghanistan Museums

Photos Crimea

Highlight of our tour trough the Ukraine in 2006 was the Crimea where we visited Sevastopol, Yalta and Simferopol

Photos Sevastopol Monuments

The Russian naval citadel Sevastopol is packed with grand monuments and statues from both Tsarist times and the Soviet era

Photos Black Sea Fleet

In 2006 Comtourist photographed the Russian Black Sea Fleet, based in a section of the Sevastopol harbour leased from the Ukraine

Photos Balaklava submarine base

Balaklava Submarine base near Sevastopol was a top secret Soviet military location that was only opened for tourists in the 1990s

Photos Yalta

Yalta was the principal seaside holiday resort in the Soviet Union, there are also some important historic sites near this Crimean city

Photos Sapun Mountain

Sapun Mountain has a diorama and World War II equipment commemorating the storm of Sapun Mountain on May 7 1944

Photos Odessa

Our 2004 tour of the Ukraine ended in Odessa where we relaxed on Arcadia beach and saw the famous Potemkin stairs

Trans Siberian Express 2002

In 2002 we made a trans Siberian train journey from St. Petersburg to Shanghai making stops in Moscow, Irkutsk, Mongolia and Beijing


In 2002 we made a 7000 km train journey from St. Petersburg to Shanghai with the Trans Siberia Express passing through Mongolia


Our 2002 train journey took us through Mongolia where we stayed in Ulan Bator and in the Elstei Ger Camp


Our 2002 train journey ended in China where we spend a couple of days in Beijing and our final destination Shanghai

Photos Russia

Photos of our Trans Siberian train journey thta we started in St. Petersburg and boarded the Trans Siberia express from Moscow

Photos Mongolia

In 2002 we took the Trans Mongolian Express, sleeping in a Ger on the endless Mongolian steppes was a fantastic experience

Photos China

Our 2002 Trans Mongolian journey ended in Beijing, from there we visited the Great Wall, Ming Tombs and Shanghai

Photos Trans Siberia Express

In 2002 Comtourist undertook its first grand journey, the Trans Siberia Express turned out to be a great way to get to learn Russia

Baltics 2007

In 2007 Comtourist camped a month in the beautiful Baltic countries Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and the Russian enclave Kaliningrad

Photos Baltics

Photos of our 2007 Baltic journey that we started with a fery and then camped in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Kaliningrad

Photos Estonia

We started our 2007 Baltic Journey in Estonia, the most Northern of the Baltic states, visiting Tallinn, Paldiski and Saaremaa Island

Photos Latvia

In Latvia we spend most of our time near Sigulda on a camping near the Gauja river, we did a canoe trip and visited the town of Cesis

Photos Lithuania

In Lithuania we visited the famous hill of crosses, went to Trakai were we camped for a view days to visit Vilnius and Grutas Park

Photos Tallinn

Photos of the beautifull Estonian capital Tallinn with picturesque places like the Old town, City Wall and Central Square

Photos Baltiysk

Baltiysk (former Pillau) is the home of the Russian Baltic fleet and is closed for tourist unless you have a special permit

Photos Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a place that most Europeans have never heard of, it is well worth a visit to see how Russia deals with this strange place

Photos KGB Headquarter Vilnius

Those who want to see the crimes of the Soviet Union against the Baltic people should go to the KGB headquarters in Vilnius

The steppes of Central Asia

In 2006 Comtourist travelled trough the Soviet republics in Central Asia visiting Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan


We started our Central Asia Tour in the Astana from where drove to Kurchatov, Karkaralinsk and Karaganda by 4x4 ending in Almaty


In Kyrgyzstan we relaxed at Lake Issyk Kul, and wandered around in the Capital Bishkek before we left the country via Manas Air Force Base


Our Uzbekistan tour took us from Tashkent to Khiva and Nukus, then to the Aral Sea by 4x4 and finally to the Silk Road Bukhara Samarkand


We spend four days of our Central Asia tour in crazy Turkmenistan visiting Dashoguz, the capital Ashgabat and the desert city Merv

Photos Kazakhstan

In 2009 we raced trough the Kazakhstan steppes with a UAZ 4x4 car visiting Astana, Kurchatov, Karkaralinsk, Karaganda and Almaty

Photos Kyrgyzstan

In 2010 Kyrgyzstan made the news with violence and riots, during our visit in 2009 it was still a peaceful country with beautiful nature

Photos Uzbekistan

We spend two weeks of our 2009 Central Asia tour in Uzbekistan visiting places like Samarkand, Khiva, Buhkara and the Aral Sea

Photos Turkmenistan

Photos of our 2009 visit of Turkmenistan, the land with stunning deserts, ancient Muslim monuments and golden statues

Photos Central Asia

In 2009 it was finally time to tour Central Asia. Comtourist spend a month in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

A week in North Korea

Comtourist made a one week trip trough North Korea in 2004 where we visited Pyongyang, Mt. Myongyang, Kaesong and the DMZ


We started our North Korea tour in 2004 with a flight from Beijing to Pyongyang with the North Korean National airline Air Koreo

Mt. Myonyang

From Pyongyang we made a trip to Mt. Myonyang were we visited the International Friendship Exhibition, Pohyon temple an the Piro Peak


The second destination we visited during our 2004 North Korea journey was Kaesong a historic Korean city very close to the DMZ

National day

We spend the third day of our North Korea tour in Pyongyang where we witnessed a mass dance on Kim Il Sung Square


The Demilitarized Zone and the Joint Security Area between North and South Korea were a highlight of our North Korea journey


We drove back to Pyongyang from Kaesong making stop overs at Mt. Kuwol and the West Sea Barrage and we passed Nampho under way

Pyongyang - Beijing

On our final day in North Korea we took the train from Pyongyang to China passing the border over the Yalu river form Sinuiju

FAQ North Korea travel

The North Korea FAQ page addresses questions we often get from peoplewho are interested in a trip to North Korea

Photos North Korea

In 2004 Comtourist spend a week in North Korea. We stayed some days in the capital Pyongyang, Mt Myongyang and Kaesong

Photos Kaesong and the DMZ

Kaesong photos of our 2004 North Korea tour were we visited the DMZ and drove backt to Pyongyang via Mt. Kuwol and Nampho

Photos Mt. Myohyang

Photos of the area around Mt. Myohyang were we visted the International Friendship exhibition the shrine to the Kim dynasty

Pyongyang city guide

City guide for Pyongyang North Korea helps readers finding the best hotels, restaurants and museums in Pyongyang

Pyongyang entertainment

Tourists usually do not have much choice on where to go in Pyongyang, here an overview with hotels, restaurants and museums

Pyongyang monuments and architecture

Pyongyang is build as a showcase for the North Korean regime, this guide lists many of the giant communist monuments and architecture

Photos Pyongyang

Photos we took during the time we spend in Pyongyang in 2004, we photographed the city and witnessed large public festivities

North Korea country profile

Country profile for North Korea with tips, links and background information about worlds most exclusive holiday destination

Minsk city guide

City guide for the Belarusian capital Minsk with tips about Soviet era hotels, restaurants, museums, architecture and monuments

Stalinist architecture of Minsk

The grand nineteen fifties Stalinist neo classical architecture of Minsk city centre is probably the main attraction of the Belarusian capital

The Soviet monuments of Minsk

An overview of the many Soviet monuments of Minsk including the Hero city column and statues of Lenin, Kalinin and Dzerzhinsky

Photos Minsk

In 2006 we spend three days in Minsk, we shot many photgraphs from the Stalinist architecture and many Soviet monuments

Soviet Baku then and now

Baku will host the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, the city has changed a lot since Soviet days, Comtourist looks back a the past

Photos Baku

Photos from Baku architecture and monuments remaining from Soviet times, plus some old Soviet era postcards and videos


Comtourist history with photos reports and articles relating to the history of the Soviet Union and other communist countries

Wings of liberation Best

Wings of liberation is a small Dutch World War II museum with an exposition dedicated to Operation Barbarossa and the Berlin Wall

Photos Wings of liberation

Wings of liberation in Best has a entire section dedicated to operation Barbarossa and an exposition about the Berlin Wall

OKA-18 wreck Terschelling

The waters around Terschelling are littered with ship wrecks, the most famous wreck is Soviet transport ship OKA-18 that sunk in 1966

Photos Terschelling wreck museum

The Wreck Museum in the attic of a pub on Terschelling exhibits some interesting items salvaged from the Soviet ship OKA-18

Our Skoda 105

Comtourist owned a beautiful Skoda 105 manufactured in Czechoslovakia we sold it a while ago but still have fond memories

Photos Skoda 105

Photos of the Skoda 105 that Comtourist used to drive also some leaflets from dealers promoting this beautiful Czechoslovakian car

Mikoyan Brothers Museum

The Mikoyan Brothers Museum in Sanahin Armenia is a great liitle museum about the live of Soviet Armenia's two most famous sons

Photos Mikoyan Brothers Museum

Comtourist visited the Mikoyan Brothers Museum in Armenia in 2011 and shot some nice images from the musuem collection

Gori Stalin Museum

Nothing has changed since Soviet times in the Gori Stalin Museum, the building, exhibits and guides are all authentic Soviet era relics

Photos Stalin Museum

Comtourist was in Gori Georgia to visit the Stalin Museum, here you will find the photos of almost everything there is to see in the museum

Yerevan Military Museum

The Yerevan Military Museum is an intriguing place, the museum includes World War II and a Nagorno-Karabakh exhibitions

Photos Yerevan Military Museum

The Mother Armenia Statue in Yerevan houses an Military Museum with exhibitions about World War II and the Nagorno-Karabakh War

Technik Museum Speyer

The Technik Museum in Speyer Germany has the largest collection of Soviet Space exhibits outside Russia including a Buran Space Shuttle

Photos Technik Museum Speyer

Photos of the exhibits from the Speyer Technik Museum including the Buran Space Shuttle, Soyuz and Vostok spacecrafts and a An-22

Technik Museum Sinsheim

The Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim Germany is the only museum outside Russia that has a Tupolev Tu-144 on display

Photos Technik Museum Sinsheim

Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum photos of the exhibits from the USSR and the GDR including the famous Tupolev Tu-144

Flugausstellung L+P Junior

Flugausstellung L.+P. Junior in Hermeskeil Germany exhibits a large collection of Soviet airplanes and helicopters including a Tupolev Tu-134A

Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior

Photos of every Soviet Aircraft, Helicopter, Engine, Ejection Seat and Pilot Helmet on display at Flugausstellung L.+P. Junior in Hermeskeil Germany

Tashkent Railway Museum

The Tashkent Museum of Railway Technics displays a large collection of historic steam, diesel and electric locomotives from the USSR

Photos Tashkent Rail Museum

Photos of every Steam, Diesel and Electric locomotive plus all carriages and railway engineering equipment displayed at the Tashkent Railway Museum

Bishkek Lenin and Frunze Museums

The Lenin Museum in Bishkek had been left untouched when we visited it in 2009 just like the Frunze Museum nearby

Photos Bishkek Lenin and Frunze Museums

Photos of the former Lenin and Frunze Museums in Bishkek where the original Soviet exhibitions are exactly as they were during the Soviet times

Georgian uprising Texel

Georgian soldiers in the German army on the Dutch island Texel rose against their masters at the end of the war, a vicious battle erupted

Photos Georgian uprising Texel

A small museum and a Soviet cemetery remind of a bloody battle between Georgian and German soldiers on the Dutch island Texel

Polish Aviation museum

The Polish Aviation Museum in the beautiful city Krakow has an extensive collection of Soviet and Polish aircraft and helicopters

Photos Polish Aviation museum

Photos of the Polish Aviation Museum, probably the largest military aviation museum specialized in Warsaw Pact aircraft outside Russia

Dutch Army museum

The Dutch Army museum is dedicated to the Dutch armed forces but also has some items relating to the Soviet Army and Korean war

Photos Dutch Army museum

The Dutch Army Museum in Delft has a small but interesting collection of Soviet military exhibits Comtourist photographed these items

Szoborpark statue park

Szoborpark statue park near Budapest is a theme park with dozens of communist statues that once stood in Hungarian cities

Photos Szobor statue park

Comtourist friend Paul was in Budapest where he visited Szobor statue park. He shot some photo's and a video old Soviet statue's

Liberty park Overloon

Liberty park is the biggest war museum in the Netherlands with an impressive collection of Soviet and East German military equipment

Photos Liberty park

Liberty Park in Overloon in the South East of the Netherlands is a war museum with a large collection of Soviet tanks and other vehicles

Zulu submarine Amsterdam

The Soviet Zulu class submarine B-80 at the maritime quarter in Amsterdam is not open for visitors but Comtourist took a look anyway

U-434 submarine Hamburg

The U-434 is a well preserved Soviet tango class diesel submarine converted into a museum in the harbour of Hamburg Germany

Photos B-515 Hamburg

The B-515 is a Soviet Tango class submarine now a museum ship in Hamburg Germany, Comtourist went there and checked it out

Foxtrot submarine Kalliningrad

The B-413 Soviet Foxtrot class submarine in Kaliningrad is an well preserved museum ship with all its original equipment still in place

Soviet Aircraft in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have a couple of exelent aviation museums, here an overview of the Soviet aircraft on display in these museums

Photos Soviet Aircraft in the Netherlands

Photos of Soviet aircraft that can be seen in Dutch museums and on airfields like MiG-21 jets, Antonov An-2 biplanes and more

Russian Air Force Museum

The Russian Air Force museum in Monino has the largest collection of Soviet aircraft in the world, including many unique prototypes

Photos Russian Air Force Museum Monino

Comtourist visted the Russian Air Force Museum at Monino in 2008 and we made photographs of almost all aircraft on display

Inside Lenin's Mausoleum

Article about Lenin's mausoleum that has been visited by millions of people since it was opened on Red Square in 1924

Photos Lenin Mausoleum

A collection of current and historic photos of Lenin's Masuoleum in Moscow, his embalmed body and the Kremlin Wall Necropolis

UK Helicopter museum

The UK helicopter museum near Weston-super-Mare has an impressive collection of helicopters including seven Soviet models

Photos Helicopter museum

Photos of the Soviet helicopters displayed at the excellent Helicopter Museum near Weston-super-Mare in the United Kingdom near Bristol

Riga Aviation museum

The Riga Aviation museum near the airport has a large collection of Soviet era civil and military aircraft and helicopters

Photos Riga Aviation museum

The Riga Aviation museum has a large collection of military and civilian aircraft from the Soviet period on display

Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

The Strategic Rocket Forces museum near Pervomaysk in the Ukraine is a former ICBM base that has been left untouched since it was decommioned

Photos Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

Photos of the Strategic Rocket Forces museum where we decended in the underground control center and actualy pushed the button to launch the bomb

News & Entertainment

Comtourist news keeps you informed on the latest events in the (former) communist world and everything that relates to communism

Western media on Russian WC bid

The 2018 World Championship football was awared to Russia, Western media were furious and painted a bleak picture of Russia

Travelling to Russia yes or no?

The downing of flight MH17 and the Russian war against the Ukraine raises the question if western travellers should avoid the Ukraine

Shame on you Berlin

The East Side Gallery, one of the most historic places in Berlin is now destroyed by a developer who can make a profit

Kazakhstan elections

Two new parties managed to enter the Kazakh parliament after the parliamentary, President Nazarbayev's party still won 80% of the votes

Giant at Kim Jong Il funeral

A giant was spotted on one of the official North Korean photos of the Kim Jong Il funeral, was this am other fake or a real man of 2.40m?

Dear leader Kim Jong Il is dead

Kim Jong Il's dead was announced Monday 19 December 2012, the worlds cruellest but also funniest communist dictator is no more

Armenian Genocide bill

The French National Assembly passed a bill criminalizing public denial of the Armenian Genocide on December 22 2012

Kim Jong Il giving field guidance

Many popular blogs and even dedicated website feature a popular ongoing series if Kim Jon Il looking at thinks, we stated a simular item

Lenin mausoleum vote

United Russia the biggest political party of Russia have opened a website where visitors can vote on the fate of Lenin's mausoleum

Soviet Christmas tree topper

Comtourist recieved a very nice gift from our frends in Kazachstan and found good use for it as the christmas tree topper

Pamirs travel advice

Many governments have issues a negative travel advice for the Pamirs in Tajikistan, we investigate if the Pamirs are really unsafe


Reviews of books, movies, documentaries, music, collectors items and everything else that relates to communist countries

The red chapel film review

A Danish film crew falsely convinced Korean authorities that they want to do a comedy in Pyongyang for cultural exchange

Nothing to Envy book review

Journalist Barbara Demick describes the horrible daily life in the North Korea city Chongjin based on the testimonies of six defectors

Pioneer One Drama series

Pioneer One is a Web Drama series about a Soviet Space Craft that crashes in Montana, could this capsule actually come from Mars?

Restaurant Pyongyang

A North Korean Restaurant was opened in Amsterdam early 2012, Comtourist went down there to see what the fuss is all about!

Photos Restaurant Pyongyang

Our visit to Restaurant Pyongyang in Amsterdam resulted in nice photos of the food, entertainment and North Korean Art

Kim Jong Il looking at things

Periodically Kim Jong Il visits production facilities, farms or military installations to asses the state of the country, here some photos

Who is Mista Putin

Putin hopes to be elected as President of Russia for an other period, but who is Mista Putin? Thats what blogs around the internet want to know


The Comtourist photo collection with pictures from our travels, book and postcard collection and found on the internet