09-Nov-2011 Journey In 2004 the long standing wish of the Comtourist crew to visit North Korea became reality. Our wish to experience a Stalinist society from the inside prevailed over the notion that we might be supporting the world’s most repressive regime. We hope that spreading the word on the crimes against the people of North Korea will compensate for our cash that ended in Kim Jung IL’s pocket. More: Photos North Korea

08-Nov-2011 Submarine Amsterdam is the home base of Comtourist, so the news that somebody bough an old Zulu class Soviet submarine and moored it in the Amsterdam harbour reached us quickly. We took our boat, sailed to the North harbour and climbed on the submarine. The Zulu is now gone but we managed to get inside the sail and shoot some nice photos. More: Photos B-80 Amsterdam

07-Nov-2011 Museum Szobor Park is a theme park close to Budapest were many of Hungaria´s communist statues that were taken down after the end of communism are now displayed. Many statues are dedicated to local communists, others to the Red Army, Lenin and Marx. A friend of Comtourist was in the area and shot some nice pictures for us. More: Photos Szobor statue park

06-Nov-2011 Museum Museum Liberty park near Overloon in the South East of the Netherlands is the biggest war museum of the Country. It has a large collection of military equipment with a large section of Soviet and GDR vehicles, firearms and uniforms. Comtourist went to the museum and photographed all Eastern Block pieces on display. More: Photos Liberty park

05-Nov-2011 Journey We decided to include China in our 2002 grand train journey because the country developed so quickly that much things of our interest may be gone the next opportunity we had to go there. We first stayed some days in the capital Beijing were we visited the More: Photos China

04-Nov-2011 Journey A long standing wish became trough in 2002 when we travelled from St. Petersburg to Shanghai by train. We decided to follow the Trans Mongolian route from Irkutsk rather than going all the way to Vladivostok with the famous Tarns Siberia Express, as this route gave the opportunity to also see Mongolia and China. We did not yet have a digital camera in 2002 so we do not have that many pictures of the journey. More: Photos Trans Siberia Express

03-Nov-2011 Journey He second stage of our train journey from St. Petersburg to Shanghai took us trough Mongolia. We started in the capital Ulan Bator from where we drove deep into the steppe lands to stay some days in a traditional Ger. Then it was time to take the train to China straight trough the Gobi desert. More: Photos Mongolia

02-Nov-2011 Journey The first part of our train journey in 2002 took us from St. Petersburg to Irkutsk by train. It was our first visit to Russia so we really wanted to spend some days in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The train journey to Siberia took three days and there we stayed a couple if days in Irkutsk and around Lake Baikal. More: Photos Russia