19-Nov-2011 City We started our 2006 grand journey in the former Soviet Republic Belarus and stayed in Minsk for a couple of days before taking the night train to Kiev. Minsk is a typical Soviet Republic capital with grand Stalinist Neo Classical architecture and many Soviet era monuments, museums, warehouses and restaurants. We spend almost all our time in Minsk walking trough the city centre and shot many interesting photos. More: Photos Minsk

18-Nov-2011 Journey Our 2006 holiday took us trough some of the most beautiful parts of the Ukraine. We started in the capital Kiev where we spend some days chilling on the Dnieper river. From Kiev we took a train to the Crimea where we visited Sevastopol, Balaklava, Yalta and Simferopol. We ended our journey in the famous Black Sea port of Odessa. More: Photos Ukraine

17-Nov-2011 Journey In 2006 Comtourist toured the former Soviet Republic Ukraine after a couple of days in Minsk. We started in Kiev were we visited many of Kiev’s famous landmarks like the many monasteries, Independence Square, the former Lenin Museum, Rodina Mat with the giant motherland statue and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. More: Photos Kiev

16-Nov-2011 Journey We spend most time of our 2006 Ukraine holiday on the Crimean peninsula, leaving the Easter and Western Ukraine for a next visit. The Crimea is an area soaked in history with many famous places like Sevastopol, Yalta and Balaklava. We were able to shoot some very interesting photos for the Russian Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol and inside a secret submarine base in Balaklava. More: Photos Crimea

15-Nov-2011 Journey The final destination of our 2006 Belarus - Ukraine tour was the city of Odessa, most famous from the Potemkin steps scene in Eisenstein’s film The Battleship Potemkin. We walked around Odessa for some days, visited the partisan catacombs and attempted to get into Transnistria. We shot many photos as always so our reader can judge for themselves if Odessa is worth a visit. More: Photos Odessa

14-Nov-2011 Journey Sevastopol was under siege during the Crimean War and World War 2, became a Soviet Hero City and was a closed military city during the Soviet era. The naval city now belongs to the Ukraine but Russia still leased a part of the harbour for it’s Black Sea Fleet. It is no wonder that Sevastopol is packed with Soviet monuments that cannot be taken down without causing tension between Russia and the Ukraine. More: Photos Sevastopol Monuments

13-Nov-2011 Journey Sevastopol was opened for tourists in 1997, now visitors can see a lot of ships from the Ukrainian and Russian Black Sea Fleet. We were is Sevastopol in 2006 and saw many navy vessels including Submarines, Frigates, Cruisers and Corvettes. The Black Sea fleet is not Russia’s most advanced fleet but we still photographed many interesting vessels. More: Photos Black Sea Fleet

12-Nov-2011 Journey Comtourist spend a couple of days on the Yalta beaches in 2006. We also visited the famous Swallows Nest and Livadia Palace, the location of the Yalta conference. We stayed in the Intourist Yalta Hotel Complex, the biggest hotel of the Soviet Union constructed in 1977. More: Photos Yalta

11-Nov-2011 Museum Wings of Liberation located in Best in the South of the Netherlands is a museum park originally dedicated to the aircraft that helped liberate the Netherlands. Over time the collection grew and items from different theme’s were added. There are also some interesting items on display for those interested in the GDR and the USSR. More: Photos Wings of liberation

10-Nov-2011 Submarine The B-515 (now renamed U-434), a Soviet Tango class submarine was bought by a Hamburg company and converted into a museum ship. All of its original equipment is still on board so visitors get a very good idea what serving on a Soviet submarine would be like. Comtourist was in town and took the change to look around on the former Spy submarine. More: Photos B-515 Hamburg