29-Nov-2011 Journey Comtourist usually flies to a destination in the former communist world, travels around by Taxi, Train, Boat or aircraft and stays in Soviet style hotels. In 2007 the time had come to explore the three Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and we decided to make it a camping holiday this time. More: Photos Baltics

28-Nov-2011 Journey After a week in Estonia we moved on to Latvia, the middle one of the three Baltic countries. The first camp site where we stayed was on the banks of the Gauja River near Sigulda. From Sigulda we drove to the Latvian capital Riga where we stayed on the city camping very close to the centre. We visited some great museums and shot a lot of good photos. More: Photos Latvia

27-Nov-2011 Journey The third country of our 2006 Baltic camping tour was Lithuania, the most western of the three Baltic countries. We first camped in Trakai form where we made day trips to the capital Vilnius and Grutas Statue Park. Finally we camped on the Curonian Split a sand dune split between Lithuania and Russia. More: Photos Lithuania

26-Nov-2011 Journey The final destination of our 2007 Baltic holiday was the Russian enclave Kaliningrad; know as Koningsberg before World War II. Koningsberg was once the proud capital of East Prussia and supposedly one of Europe’s most beautiful cities; during the war it was totally destroyed. Comtourist stayed three days in this strange city and we shot many interesting photos. More: Photos Kaliningrad

25-Nov-2011 Journey Tallinn was the first Capital city we stayed in during our 2007 camp holiday in the Baltic countries. We camped of the Tallinn City camping, situated close to the Beach and twenty minutes walking from the centre. We visited most of the communist era highlights like the Olympic harbour, TV Tower and KGB headquarters. We shot many photos of this beautiful city. More: Photos Tallinn

24-Nov-2011 Museum Comtourist visited the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius in 2006 and the former KGB headquarters was the most important place we wanted to see there. Visitors can decent in the prison complex of the former Lithuanian KGB building to be witness the terror that was unleashed on thousands of people. There is also exposition dedicated to the crimes of the Soviet occupiers against the people of Lithuania. More: Photos KGB Headquarter Vilnius

23-Nov-2011 Museum Sapun Mountain is a strategic height blocking the way to Sevastopol for invading armies; it was fought over during the Crimean War and World War II. The Soviets build a monument, diorama and outdoor museum to commemorate the Storm of the Sapun mountain during Word War II. Comtourist visited Sapun Mountain in 2006 and made some nice photos of the displayed army material. More: Photos Sapun Mountain

22-Nov-2011 Museum Comtourist was on the Crimea in 2006 and we had heard of a secret submarine base in Balaklava, a seaside town close to Sevastopol. So we took a taxi from Sevastopol and headed for the town that was once one of the most secret locations of the Soviet Union. The base deep in the Balaklava mountains was used to repair and equip submarines of the Soviet Baltic Fleet. It is now open for visitors and has a small museum deep inside the complex. More: Photos Balaklava submarine base

21-Nov-2011 Museum The 62m high Rodina Mat Motherland Statue, locally as Brezhnev’s Daughter, towers over the city of Kiev and is visible from many parts of town. It is probably one of the largest Soviet statues, together with the Motherland statue in Volgograd. We visited Rodina Mat together with Museum of the Great Patriotic War when we were in Kiev in 2006. More: Photos Rodina Mat Kiev

20-Nov-2011 Journey Roughly every second year Comtourist undertakes a grand journey in one or more countries of the former communist world. One of our goals is to visit every former Soviet republic and its capital, in 2006 we choose to combine Belarus and the Ukraine. We started in Belarus where we only visited Minsk. We really would like to go back to Belarus and see more of this beautiful country. More: Photos Belarus