09-Dec-2011 Museum Comtourist learned that the Dutch Army Museum in the city of Delft has an T-55 AM on display that was used by the East German army to train tank commanders and engineers. The Soviet tank is worked open so students can see all the inner parts and understand how the tank works. We took a train to Delft and shot a series of photos from this interesting museum item. More: Photos Dutch Army museum

08-Dec-2011 Museum The Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow has a large collection of Soviet and other Warsaw Pact aircraft. Comtourist visited Krakow in the winters of 2004 and 2011 and visited the museum on both occasions. Comtourist photographed almost every aircraft of the museum and you will find them in this article. More: Photos Polish Aviation museum

07-Dec-2011 Journey In 2009 it was time to tour the Central Asian countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. It was our wish to also include Tajikistan in the programme but limited time made this impossible, so we will need to go there another time. We spend a whole month in Central Asia with many highlights and unforgettable experiences. Also see the photo pages for the four countries with more photos from this beautiful part of the world. More: Photos Central Asia

06-Dec-2011 Journey We started the 2009 Central Asia journey in Astana, a former steppe village declared Kazakh capital in 1997. From Astana we drove to Semipalatinsk-16, the site were the first Soviet nuclear bomb was detonated. From Semipalatinsk-16 we drove to Karaganda over the steppes in an UAZ 4x4 car. From Karaganda we took a train to Almaty the previous capital of Kazakhstan. More: Photos Kazakhstan

05-Dec-2011 Journey The second country of our 2009 Central Asia tour was Kyrgyzstan the poorest country in the region. Our visit was a year before the riots and protests but we found out that people were not happy with the government. We stayed in the capital Bishkek, in a beach resort at lake Issyk Kul and high in the Tien Shan Mountains at Ala Archa. Much in Kyrgyzstan has not changed since the Soviet Union so we could shoot many interesting photos. More: Photos Kyrgyzstan

04-Dec-2011 Journey The last country that we visited during our Central Asia tour in 2009 was Turkmenistan, famous for its crazy former dictator Turkmenbasy. We started in Dashoguz were we visited Konye Urgench and from there flew to the capital Ashgabat, a city full with golden statues of the diseased leader. From Ashgabat we drove to Merv straight trough the Karakum desert. More: Photos Turkmenistan

03-Dec-2011 Journey We spend almost half of our 2009 Central Asia tour in Uzbekistan, focusing on both the ancient Silk Road cities plus the Soviet heritage of the former Soviet Republic. We first stayed a few days in the capital Tashkent from were we took a flight to Khiva a beautiful silk road town with clay walls. Next we made a trip to the shore of the Aral Sea were we camped in the desert. Finally we visited Samarkand and Bukhara the most famous silk road cities. More: Photos Uzbekistan

02-Dec-2011 Submarine In 2007 Comtourist planned to stay a few days Kaliningrad and the B-413 came up as the major tourist attraction during our preparation. We decided to visit the submarine accompanied by a former Russian navy officer as guide. The tour was a great experience and we were able to shoot some nice photos. More: Photos B-413 Kaliningrad

01-Dec-2011 Journey We started our 2007 Baltics holiday in Estonia, the most Northern of the three Baltic countries. We arrived in Tallinn by ferry (basically a floating liqueur store) from Helsinki and camped a couple of days on the Tallinn City Camping, 15 minutes walking from the city centre. We also visited Paldiski and camped on Saaremaa, the biggest Island of the Baltic region. More: Photos Estonia

30-Nov-2011 Museum Baltiysk named (Pillau before World War II) is the home of the Russian Baltic Fleet and can only be visited with a special permit. Comtourist was in Kaliningrad in 2007 and we paid a visit to Baltiysk hoping to see some ships of Russian navy. Other highlights of Baltiysk are a Lenin statue, the old lighthouse and the Museum of the Baltic Fleet. More: Photos Baltiysk