19-Dec-2011 City Krakow is probably one of the most beautiful cities of Poland and even Eastern Europe. Comtourist has visited Krakow on many occasions usually combined with some days the in the ski resort Zakopane. Look at our photos of Krakow; a city steeped and often named the cultural, political and religious capital of Poland. We also visited some places around Krakow like Auschwitz Birkenau, Zakopane and Nowa Huta. More: Photos Krakow

18-Dec-2011 History Today The Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square is probably one of Moscow’s best known tourist attractions together with the Kremlin and St. Basils Cathedral. Here a photo collection with images we shot ourselves, Soviet era postcards, historic photos, and actual pictures of Lenin’s body in his tomb. We also included some pictures of other famous communist mausoleums and the Kremlin Wall Necropolis. More: Photos Lenin Mausoleum

17-Dec-2011 Journey The trip to Kaesong and the DMZ was one of the highlights of our 2004 North Korea tour. In Kaesong we could see a bid more of ordinary North Korean life then we did in Pyongyang. The Demilitarized Zone with the Joint Security Area is probably one of the scariest places on earth where millions of troops face each other. We had stopovers at Mt. Kuwol and the West Sea Barrage on the way back to Pyongyang. More: Photos Kaesong and the DMZ

16-Dec-2011 Journey The first excursion we made from during 2004 North Korea journey was to Mt. Myohyang North of Pyongyang. Here we stayed in the pyramid shaped Hyangsan Hotel, made a hike up mountain via the Piro Peak route, visited the Buddhist Pohyon temple and finally the incredible International Friendship Exhibition. More: Photos Mt. Myohyang

15-Dec-2011 City We spend most time of our 2004 North Korea tour in Pyongyang. The North Korean capital is a showcase for the communist regime so tourists are allowed to photograph relatively much. We could not photograph anything we liked but still managed to shoot a bunch of nice photographs. We have pictures of monuments, street propaganda, the metro, dancing people and much more. More: Photos Pyongyang

14-Dec-2011 Museum The Netherlands have two major aviation museums, Aviodrome in Lelystad and the Air Force Museum in Soesterberg. Both are specialized in the history of Dutch aviation with many vintage Fokker aircraft in their collection. There are some Soviet made aircraft on Display however, the Air Force Museum owns a MiG-21 like Aviodrome who also have two Antonov An-2 bi planes. More: Photos Soviet Aircraft in the Netherlands

13-Dec-2011 History Today The so called Russian War on Texel was still raging on in May 1945 after the Germans already surrendered in Berlin. A battalion of Georgian soldiers that joined the German army started a mutiny against their former masters when the end of the war was near. Comtourist went to Texel and shot some photos of the Soviet cemetery and in the museum dedicated to the war on Texel. More: Photos Georgian uprising Texel

12-Dec-2011 Museum Monino Central Air Force Museum is Russia’s biggest aviation museum and probably one of the biggest in the world. It is a must see for any aviation enthusiast and especially for those interested in Soviet aircraft. Almost every Soviet build airplane or helicopter is displayed at Monino; many exhibits are prototypes or the only remaining aircraft of its type. Comtourist went to Monino in 2008 with the help of Russian friends who arranged the trip for us. More: Photos Russian Air Force Museum Monino

11-Dec-2011 Museum The UK has many great museums dedicated to tanks, aircraft and naval history. There even is a whole museum dedicated to helicopters near Weston-super-Mare on the South West coast of England. The museum has a large helicopter collection including seven Soviet models. Comtourist was in the area, so we paid the museum a visit to shoot some photos of these great Soviet helicopters. More: Photos Helicopter museum

10-Dec-2011 Museum Comtourist has used Riga Airport as a hub for further travel into the former Soviet Union on many occasions in the past. Every time we noticed the impressive collection of old Soviet Aircraft near the runway. We found out that these aircraft belong to the Riga Aviation Museum but never found the time to visit the museum. In 2007 we spend a couple of days in Riga so we decided to drive to the airport and visit this fantastic museum. More: Photos Riga Aviation museum