25-Mar-2012 Journey Rural Armenia feels like an old and authentic country where time stood still (in a good way) . Churches are overgrown with grass and trees, people eat tasty fruits and vegetables from their land and old history events still have a great impact on daily life. Tbilisi is a dynamic city where young good looking people stroll around in a relaxed atmosphere. We hope that our photos of Armenia depict the great impressions that this country left with us. More: Photos Armenia

24-Mar-2012 Journey A Georgian story tells that god gave all the peoples a plot of land but he forgot the Georgians, he then decided to give them the most beautiful land that he wanted to keep for himself. And indeed, Georgia has incredibly diverse landscapes ranging from snow-capped mountains near the Russian border, green valleys in the Kakheti region and a sub-tropical coast near the Black Sea. We had a great time traveling around in this ancient land. More: Photos Georgia

23-Mar-2012 Journey Our 2011 Caucasus journey started in the former Soviet Republic Azerbaijan, the ancient Silk Road country on the Caspian Sea. We spend most of our time in the capital Baku, a city that is rapidly transforming to a modern capital thanks to Oil money and great ambitions. We shot some great pictures of Azerbaijan, a photogenic country with a buzzing capital, rough nature and many important historical sides dating back to ancient times. More: Photos Azerbaijan

19-Jan-2012 Museum The Stalin Museum in the Georgian city Gori was opened a view years after Stalin’s death. The museum was build as a shrine to Stalin continuing the personality cult that started during his lifetime. Khrushchev denounced Stalin in 1961, statues were taken down, streets and cities were renamed. Gori however was allowed to keep glorifying their most famous son. Comtourist visited the Stalin Museum in 2011 and were happy to discover that nothing seems to have changed here yet. More: Photos Stalin Museum

13-Jan-2012 Museum Comtourist visited the small village of Sanahin in Armenia this summer. Sanahin is the birth place of the famous Soviet aircraft designer Artem Mikoyan and long time Politburo member Anastas Mikoyan. A small Soviet era museum is dedicated to the brothers so we visited the museum and shot some photos. The museum has an intersing collection and is well worth a visit when in Armenia. More: Photos Mikoyan Brothers Museum

06-Jan-2012 Fun Democracy seems far away in Russia where Putin seems to become president again coming March with our without public support. Russia returning to an authoritarian state again is very regrettable, however there is one upside to these development, we get a full blown communist style dictator to enjoy in the media. Putin seems the ideal replacement for Kim Jong Il since he passed away in December 2011. So the question asked on one popular Blog is: Who is Mista Putin? More: Who is Mista Putin

23-Dec-2011 Fun A couple of popular blogs have started threads called "Kim Jong Il looking at things". The North Korean leader is always wearing the same grey jacket, shades and Mao suit and looking at something for the camera. He tries to do his best to look interested but fails most of the time. Comtourist went on the web an tried to collect as much images of Kim Jong Il looking at things as possible, enjoy the collection! More: Kim Jong Il looking at things

22-Dec-2011 History Today The Dutch Island Terschelling is an unlikely place to find anything relating to Soviet history. The most famous ship wreck however is the OKA-18, a Soviet coaster that sunk in 1966 after a collision with a Liberian ship. Many items have been recovered from the wreck and are now displayed in the local Wreck Museum. Comtourist took the boat to Terschelling and checked out the history of the OKA-18. More: Photos Terschelling wreck museum

21-Dec-2011 City Comtourist regularly passes trough Krakow since Zakopane is one of our favourite ski resorts. We visited the communist model city Nowa Huta three times already while staying in beautiful Krakow. We had rainy days on every occasion so Nowa Huta looks a bid grey and dull on our photographs. More: Photos Nowa Huta

20-Dec-2011 Cars The Comtourist Skoda 105 named Catherina was a fun car to drive with stunning looks. It has a powerful motor in the rear providing excellent driving characteristics. We do not own the Skoda anymore but remember it by looking at the photos. We also collected some dealer leaflets of the Skoda 105 from the late eighties promoting this quality vehicle. More: Photos Skoda 105