20-Sep-2014 Museum The highlight of the Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces are the original ICBM missile silo and Unified Launch Control Center, however the museum has much more to offer for military and history enthusiasts. A large collection of missiles and missile parts, giant transport vehicles and many other interesting things are on display. More: Photos Museum of Strategic Rocket Forces

08-May-2013 Museum Kyrgyzstan is one of the far corners of the former Soviet empire where time seems to have stood still since the USSR felt apart in the early 1990s. Lenin still stands in most of the cities and Soviet architecture is mostly untouched. The same goes for the various museums in the capital, most notable the former Lenin Museum and the Frunze Museum that we both visited in 2009. More: Photos Bishkek Lenin and Frunze Museums

15-Mar-2013 Museum The Museum of Railway Technics is Tashkent is the best Railway museum we have visited to date (St. Petersburg and Riga are still on our to do list). We spend couple of hours in the museum enjoying the vintage Soviet steam, diesel and electrical locomotives. Photos of every exhibited locomotive, carriage and technical equipment can be found on this page. More: Photos Tashkent Rail Museum

03-Oct-2012 Museum Flugausstellung L.+P. Junior in Hermeskeil is one of the best aviation museums we have encountered. The aircraft and the museum ground are all very well maintained and the collection is impressive. Viewing platforms allow a view in the cockpit fore many aircraft on display. We have photographed every Soviet aircraft plus other exhibits like Jet Helmets, Ejection Seats and various jet engines. More: Photos Flugausstellung L+P Junior

02-Oct-2012 Museum The Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum is famous for possessing both the Concorde and the Tupolev Tu-144. Both supersonic aircraft are positioned on the roof of the museum and can be entered by museum visitors, offering a rare photo opportunity. The 300 vintage cars make an impressive collection bud lack some beauties from the East. The military section makes up for this with a large number of Soviet Aircraft, Tanks and other equipment. More: Photos Technik Museum Sinsheim

01-Oct-2012 Museum Many people are not aware that the Soviets developed a Space Shuttle that actually surpassed the American Space Shuttle in performance and cargo capacity. The fact that one of the test vehicles is on display in Germany is also a surprise to many people. T More: Photos Technik Museum Speyer

12-Aug-2012 Food Restaurant Pyongyang is located in a Suburb of Amsterdam and promoted as a North Korean Cultural Centre. The chef, kitchen staff and waitresses are all North Korean like everything else in the restaurant. Comtourist enjoyed an evening in the restaurant including the North Korean entertainment. We can positively confirm that Restaurant Pyongyang truly feels like a piece of North Korea in Amsterdam. More: Photos Restaurant Pyongyang

05-Aug-2012 Museum The giant Mother Armenia monument towers over Yerevan, overlooking the city from Victory Park. The monument houses a small military museum that is well worth a visit for everybody who is interested in Soviet and World War II history. The main section of the museum is now devoted to the Nagorno-Karabakh War displaying personal belongings, weapons, and documents of participants, the walls decorated with portraits of National Heroes. More: Photos Yerevan Military Museum

01-Apr-2012 City Comtourist spend a couple of days in Baku at the beginning of our 2011 Caucasus tour. The city will stand in the spot lights during the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest promoting itself as a modern prosperous city. Not much attention shall be given to the communist past of the Azeri capital, despite the importance of this period for the history of the country. We looked around in Baku in search for whatever monuments, buildings or other reminders of the Soviet period we could find. More: Photos Baku

26-Mar-2012 Journey Visiting Nagorno-Karabakh during our Caucasus tour was one of those ideas born from our ambition to include “of the beaten track” destinations in our itinerary. The independence war from the early 1990s has left many scars on the country that is recognized as part of Azerbaijan by most countries. What impressed us most in Nagorno-Karabakh, however was the beautiful rugged nature in this mountainous region. More: Photos Nagorno Karabakh