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24-Dec-2011 Politics The North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il died Saturday the 17th of December. The news broke two days later in the West where speculation on the future of the DPRK started directly. Familiar images of citizens crying in the Pyongyang streets started to pop up the following days. There were also images and video’s of Kim Jong Il lying at state in Kumsusan Memorial Palace where his father is also on display. More: Dear leader Kim Jong Il is dead

23-Dec-2011 Politics The French National Assembly passed a bill criminalizing public denial of the Armenian Genocide on December 22 2011. The Turkish government is outraged by this bills and threatens that the relation between the countries is at stake. Over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered in a planned and centrally coordinated operation by the Ottoman Turks in 1915. More: Armenian Genocide bill

23-Dec-2011 Fun A couple of popular blogs have started threads called "Kim Jong Il looking at things". The North Korean leader is always wearing the same grey jacket, shades and Mao suit and looking at something for the camera. He tries to do his best to look interested but fails most of the time. Comtourist went on the web an tried to collect as much images of Kim Jong Il looking at things as possible, enjoy the collection! More: Kim Jong Il looking at things

27-Jul-2011 Journey In 2009 Comtourist made a one month journey through the Centrals Asian countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Each of these former Soviet republics that once lay on the famous Silk Road boasts many cultural and historic and natural treasures. These countries were also heavily influenced by the Soviet Union with many leftovers that remind of the Soviet period. Our journey trough Central Asia was probably the most beautiful journey we have made so far. More: The steppes of Central Asia

20-Jul-2011 Fun Kim Jong Il looking at things was a giant hit with bloggers on the internet. We westerners would think that the North Koreans would not be amused since these blogs did not take the dear leader very serious. The opposite seems to be true since the North Koreans posted many new photos and stories on Kim giving field guidance on the state website Naenara. More: Kim Jong Il giving field guidance

14-Jul-2011 Journey We planned to have a look in North Korea for many years already. We wanted to witness for ourselves what live in a totalitarian communist state is like. In 2004 we decided to book a tour trough he worlds most reclusive country. We drove trough the country, walked through Pyongyang, had to take part in worshipping the Great leader waved to US GI’s at the border and witnessed a mass celebration. The strangest experience however is loosing most of your freedom for a week. We shot a lot of photographs and film that can be seen on many pages about on this website. More: A week in North Korea

12-Jul-2011 Books Comtourist visited North Korea in 2004 and saw all the highlights that the government likes to show to foreigners visiting this reclusive country. Tourists are not shown the harsh day to day live of ordinary people far away from the capital Pyongyang. American Journalist Barbara Demick interviewed almost a hundred North Koreans defectors that now live in the South. Nothing to envy gives a good insight in the everyday life of North Koreans dominated by poverty, fear and hunger. More: Nothing to Envy book review

22-May-2011 Politics United Russia, the party of Vladimir Putin holding 70% of the Duma seats has launched a website with a poll about the future of the Lenin mausoleum. Visitors can vote "Da" if they want the mausoleum to be removed and "Njet" if they want Lenin to stay on the Red Square. Comtourist advices its readers to go to and vote Njet! More: Lenin mausoleum vote

05-May-2011 Museum The Central Air Force Museum has the largest collection of Soviet military aircraft in the world. Most fighters, bombers and helicopters that server in the Soviet Air Force are present at Monino. Many prototypes and very rare aircraft like the Tu-144, Myasischev M-50, Sukhoi T-4 and Mil Mi-12 are on display. Visiting Monino is a fantastic experience for any aviation enthousiast. More: Russian Air Force Museum

01-May-2011 History Today The shipping routes near the Dutch Island Terschelling are notoriously dangerous many have ships sunk or ran to ground near the Island for ages. Local divers have salvaged many interning items from the wrecks, now displayed in the Wreck Museum. The museum has a series of exhibits from the islands most famous ship wreck a Soviet coaster named OKA-18. More: OKA-18 wreck Terschelling