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10-Aug-2012 Museum The Yerevan Military Museum inside the Mother Armenia Monument is not very big but the exhibitions are definitely interesting. The Soviet era exhibition about the Great Patriotic War has been moved to the basement to make place form more recent military history. The main floor is now dedicated to the Artsakh Liberation War as the Armenians call the Nagorno-Karabakh that lasted from 1988 to 1994. The museum also displays military equipment around the monument. More: Yerevan Military Museum

01-Apr-2012 City Baku is preparing for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with giant construction and renovation projects. Great ambitions backed by oil money are transforming the Azeri capital in a modern boom town. Comtourist visited Baku in 2011 in search for the Soviet past amidst this building frenzy. We managed to find some interesting Soviet legacy, and got our hands on some old Baku promotion video’s as a bonus. More: Soviet Baku then and now

22-Mar-2012 Journey One Comtourist objective is to visit every Soviet republic before 2015. In October 2011 we managed to remove three countries from our list after visiting the Caucasian republics. A four week journey took us through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and finally Nagorno-Karabakh. The countries of the Caucasus are great places to visit with beautiful cities and landscapes, delicious food, friendly people, a turbulent history and a challenging future. More: The mountains of the Caucasus

19-Jan-2012 Museum Nowhere did Stalin’s hero status last longer than in his Georgian birth town Gori. His statue was only removed from the Central Town Square (still named after him) in June 2010 and his museum is still in full operation today. Comtourist visited the Stalin Museum in August 2011 and we were pleased to find out that nothing seems to have changed for the last 50 years here. The museum is a Soviet Time Capsule where even the guides seem to be imported from the USSR. More: Gori Stalin Museum

16-Jan-2012 Politics Parliamentary elections were held in Kazakhstan on January 16. The Nur Otan Party from President Nursultan Nazarbayev held all the seats in parliament but now has to share Parliament with two other parties. Nur Otan still managed to clinch more than 80% of the votes. Nazarbayev has been President since 1990 and brought stability and growth but also corruption and suppression of the opposition to Kazakhstan. More: Kazakhstan elections

15-Jan-2012 Film Pioneer One is a web Drama Series that revolves around a Soviet era space capsule with a Cosmonaut that crashes in present day America spreading radioactivity over a large area in Montana and Canada. The government team investigating the crash starts to believe that the capsule actually travelled to Earth from Mars. Pioneer One is free downloadable and funded trough donations by fans and distributed via BitTorrent. More: Pioneer One Drama series

13-Jan-2012 Museum The Mikoyan brothers are probably the most famous Soviet Armenians. Anastas Mikoyan was a revolutionary from the first hour who rose to the position of Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet. Artem Mikoyan was one of the most famous aircraft designers of the USSR responsible for designing many famous MiG aircraft together with Mikhail Gurevich. The Mikoyan brothers were born in Sanahin Armenia and a small Soviet era museum is dedicated to their lives. More: Mikoyan Brothers Museum

06-Jan-2012 Fun Democracy seems far away in Russia where Putin seems to become president again coming March with our without public support. Russia returning to an authoritarian state again is very regrettable, however there is one upside to these development, we get a full blown communist style dictator to enjoy in the media. Putin seems the ideal replacement for Kim Jong Il since he passed away in December 2011. So the question asked on one popular Blog is: Who is Mista Putin? More: Who is Mista Putin

02-Jan-2012 Fun Images of the funeral of Kim Jong Il were carefully scrutinized by bloggers and news papers around the world. One image caught the attention of some alert people, a giant was standing between a column of soldiers saluting Kim on his last journey. Speculation on who or what this man could be went wild with explanation varying from a trick photo, a genetically modified super soldier to some kind of dummy. More: Giant at Kim Jong Il funeral

25-Dec-2011 Fun Decorating the Christmas tree is the start of the holiday season for many people. Comtourist found a nice object to use as the tree topper. The hammer and sickle proofed to be a trough crowd pleaser and will top the Christmas tree for years to come (don’t tell the girlfriend). More: Soviet Christmas tree topper