Our Skoda 105
Our Skoda 105

We love Skoda

The Comtourist crew loves communist era cars from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and especially Czechoslovakia. Comtourist owned a Skoda 105 until we sold it since we could not store it indoors and feared for the condition of this classic car. We do have great memories of the Skoda and now we will buy another one in the future.

Many great cars have been produced in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe during the communist era. Famous car plants from the USSR are VAZ (Lada), GAZ (Wolga), Moskvitch, ZIL (limousines) and ZAZ from the Ukraine. East Germany also produced various great cars like the Trabant and the Wartburg. Comtourist has always favoured cars produced in Czechoslovakia especially Skoda and Tatra. In 2004 we decided to buy our own Skoda 105 as a hobby car. We do not own our Skoda anymore since we did not have a garage to store it and feared that the car would deteriorate.

Good quality ad an affordable price, the engine in the rear is highly regarded by the competition and critics alike

Drawing of the Skoda 105 from a 1980s promotion folder

Our Skoda 105

The Skoda 105 is a variation of the 120 series produced between 1979 and 1990 in the Czech city Mlada Boleslav. The engine is placed in the rear resulting in excellent driving characteristics. The Skoda 120 models were some of the best cars produced in Eastern Europe and were very well suited for the primitive roads in these countries. The Skoda 105 was also exported to Western Europe competing against the Lada Riva, another great car. Sales in the west were disappointing mainly caused by unfair criticism from biased car journalists often bribed by German car manufacturers like Volkswagen and Opel. Our Skoda 105 named “Catharina” was one of those exported cars sold in the Netherlands during the 1980s.

The Comtourist crew in front of our beloved Skoda 105 S with a stunning tiger skin interior and Skoda window sticker

Enjoying our Skoda

Our Skoda car receiving some oil and air in the original Barum tyres produced in Czechoslovakia

Servicing the Skoda

Snow and dirt roads are no problem for a Skoda 105 that was build to deal with these harsh condition in Eastern Europe

The Skoda in the snow

The classic lines of the beautiful Skoda 105 S work well in a typical Dutch landscape

Our Skoda 105S

Side view on the former Comtourist Skoda 105 S in an industrial area where it fits in nicely

A great looking car

The sturdy front of the Skoda 105 S is probably the best looking feature of this Czechoslovakia car

Front of the Skoda

The rear of the Skoda 105 S is probably not is best looking feature of the car but still looks pretty good

Rear of the Skoda

Skoda fun driving

Our plan to do a Grand tour Eastern Europe with the Skoda never materialized but we still had a lot of fun with it. Especially driving in the snow or on rough terrain was great fun and allows the 105 to do what it does best. The Skoda always managed to turn many heads when taking it for some parading in a place to be seen like a beach area or nightlife district. It should be noted that the Skoda 105 is a great car to attract woman but this was not our main reason for driving this car!

A classis car needs to be maintained by specialist in our case a Skoda and Lada garage in Amsterdam

After maintenance

Smiley faces as the Skoda hits the road after being pampered in by a specialized classic Skoda mechanic

Lets drive

Overtaking other cars on the highway is no problem for the Skoda 105 thanks to its powerful engine


It is impossible to keep up with the Skoda 105 for many cars and it is will soon disappear in the distance

And step on it

Skoda 105 and 120 promotion material

Comtourist does not own the Skoda anymore but we have collected some original Skoda 105 and 120 series promotion material from the early to the late 1980s. Most of these brochures are from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The publisher of this promotion material is Motokov, the Czechoslovakian company responsible for Skoda export in during communist times.

Promotion material for the Skoda 130 series from the early 1990s published by the Dutch importer De Binckhorst

Skoda 130 promotion

Poster of the Black Arrow, the top model of the 120 series with many sport upgrades and race striping

Black Arrow promotion

Skoda is reliable, robust and sharp with a modern four cylinder engine that can deliver up to 58 HP

Rapid LSX promotion

What will be the next Comtourist car?

Will Comtourist buy another classic Eastern Bloc car I the future? The answer is: yes that is very likely, although it may well be any other type besides a Skoda. Maybe we will by a ZIL once driven by a Soviet dignitary, a beautiful Tatra, a practical UAZ 452 van or the all time Soviet classic Lada Riva. Whatever we end up driving, you will find out via this website!

The Tatra 603 is one of the most beautiful classic cars that exists, we can only dream of owning this model one day

Tatra 603

A Lada 2105 from 1983 on sale at a specialized dealership, maybe this will be the next Comtourist car

Lada 2105

The UAZ-452 Tabletka 4x4 that took us trough the Steppes

Uaz 452

The 601 was the principal Trabant model produced from 1963 to 1990, not much Trabi can be seen in Berlin anymore

Trabant 601

A grey GAZ M21 Volga in fantastic condition seen in Odessa

Gaz 21