Lenin mausoleum vote
Lenin mausoleum vote

Vote Njet!

United Russia, the party of Vladimir Putin holding 70% of the Duma seats has launched a website with a poll about the future of the Lenin mausoleum. Visitors can vote "Da" if they want the mausoleum to be removed and "Njet" if they want Lenin to stay on the Red Square. Comtourist advices its readers to go to www.goodbyelenin.ru and vote Njet!

The idea of closing the Lenin Mausoleum emerges regularly in Russian politics; an agreement was never reached however. The Communist party headed by Zyuganov and faithful protesters have managed to avoid closure until now. United Russia now seems to use this opinion poll as an argument to shut down the mausoleum forever. There are some good reasons to give the body of Lenin a less prominent location. He was a responsible for the execution of thousands of people and system he founded killed millions more. Even supporters of Lenin should have good reasons to rebury him on Novodevichy Cemetery, Lenin has become a tourist attraction and a bid of a freak show.

The Lenin mausoleum is still a popular tourist attraction today

The Lenin Mausoleum is still a crowd pleaser today

Comtourist still hopes that Lenin will stay where he is for the next decade, despite the fact that we understand the arguments for removing him. Visiting the Lenin Mausoleum was a religious experience during Soviet times. This atmosphere still exists today when you decent in the tomb to look at the preserved body, it is a fun thing to do! Lenin is an important part of Russia’s history and the mausoleum has been part of it since 1924. Next thing after removing Lenin’s body will be his statues and then other monuments and buildings from the communist era. Russia will then be a kitschy country filled with cheap looking contemporary architecture. Berlin already made a great mistake by demolishing the beautiful Palace of the Republic, we hope that Russia want make the same mistake. A country’s history may have some dark pages but that does not mean it should not be preserved!

Website with a poll on the future of the Lenin mausoleum

The website from United Russia where you can vote Njet

In the end it is up to the Russians to make the right decision, but we still advice everybody to vote. Go to www.goodbyelenin.ru type the 2 captcha words separated by a space and vote HET, the red option in order to safe the Lenin Mausoleum. We have written an article about the mausoleum in our history section to provide some additional background and history. Those who haven’t seen Lenin yet and want to better book a trip to Moscow soon as he me be removed in the near future!