Giant at Kim Jong Il funeral
Giant at Kim Jong Il funeral

Mysterious giant on Kim Jong Il funeral

Images of the funeral of Kim Jong Il were carefully scrutinized by bloggers and news papers around the world. One image caught the attention of some alert people, a giant was standing between a column of soldiers saluting Kim on his last journey. Speculation on who or what this man could be went wild with explanation varying from a trick photo, a genetically modified super soldier to some kind of dummy.

A giant was spotted between North Korean soldiers paying their last honor to Kim Jong Il at his funeral

The giant seen on an official photo of Kim’s funeral

The reality turned out not to be less spectacular than a prototype of a new North Korean android super soldier. Analysts believe that the giant actually is 44 year old Ri Myung Hun, a North Korean basketball player measuring 2.35m!

North Korean basketball player Ri Myung Hun stands at 2.35m and was once the talles man in the world

Ri Myung Hun with some of his DPRK team mates

Ri Myung Hun was once declared the tallest man in the world and is the tallest basketball player known in history. Ri once had the ambition to play in the NBA but was refused due to American boycott laws. He continued to play basketball in North Korea.