Shame on you Berlin
Shame on you Berlin

Shame on you Berlin

The defeat of communism was complete in 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down. This was by no means enough for victorious capitalists who will try to destroy every bid of East German history they can! They already managed to destroy the beautiful Palace of the Republic and are now bringing down the last piece of the Berlin Wall.

The fall of the Berlin wall ended years of oppression and brought freedom and justice to millions of East Berliners and later people in other communist countries. The new German and Berlin governments did not waste much time and removed as much evidence of this period in history as they could. Only some very small parts were left standing to remind future generations of this dark period in the history of Berlin and Germany. Too the victor the spoils and the capitalist victors next went after other East German symbols in their quest to destroy as much cultural and historical GDR heritage as they would get away with. Their greatest victory was the destruction of the Palace of the Republic, a grand piece of Communist architecture build for the people and meant to last for ages. No protests or reasoning would help, investors, right wing media and politicians got their way and Eric’s lamp store as it was called in East Berlin in now gone forever.

The cartoon faces painted by Thierry Noir are one of many famous works of art that were displayed oin the East Side Gallery wall

Famous cartoon faces by Thierry Noir

Culture and history mean nothing in today’s Berlin and a developer of luxury flats is now destroying the East Side Gallery. The fact that this is a place of great historic importance means nothing in Berlin, the works of art displayed on the wall here mean nothing in Berlin, capitalism won, profit is king, this is Berlin in the 21st century. Shame on you Berlin!

The strip between the Berlin Wall and the Spree River was still untouched when we visited Berlin in the year 2000

The East Side Gallery wall in 2000