Armenian Genocide bill
Armenian Genocide bill

Armenian genocide bill passed by French National Assembly

The French National Assembly passed a bill criminalizing public denial of the Armenian Genocide on December 22 2011. The Turkish government is outraged by this bills and threatens that the relation between the countries is at stake. Over 1.5 million Armenians were murdered in a planned and centrally coordinated operation by the Ottoman Turks in 1915.

The Turkish government denies that this act of terror against the Armenian population should be classified as genocide. The Turks argue that racial tension between the Turkish and Armenian population in the Ottoman empire lead to many regrettable deaths on both sides during the First World War. There was no organized killing of Armenians planned by the Government or military. Many studies from by independent scholars however concluded that the killing of the Armenians was a planned act of terror and fits within the general definition of Genocide.

Armenian women and children murdered by the Turks during the Armenian genocide

Armenian woman and children killed by the Turks

Comtourist visited Armenia in 2011 and paid a visit to the Armenian Genocide museum in Yerevan. The museum shows many exhibits that aim to prove that a genocide was committed by the Turks. Most shocking are the many photographs of mass rape and killing of woman and children. Most Armenians we spoke wish for a normalized relation with Turkey since the closed borders and trade bans are making life very difficult for the Armenians. The genocide is still a very painful page in the Armenian history and Turkey will need to become clear with their crimes one day for the two countries to become good neighbours.

The Armenian Genocide Museum shows many photographs of woman and children that are raped and murdered by the Turks

The exposition of the Armenian Genocide museum in Yerevan

The French bill that criminalizes the denial of the Armenian genocide is justified by facts and the believe in human rights. It needs to be stated that Former European colonial powers and other countries like the USA need to be careful condemning Turkey. Most of these countries had their share of crimes against humanity without ever admitting guilt or compensating the victims. Comtourist will publish some more information and photos on the Armenian genocide museum later this year.