Who is Mista Putin
Who is Mista Putin

Who is Mista Putin

Democracy seems far away in Russia where Putin seems to become president again coming March with our without public support. Russia returning to an authoritarian state again is very regrettable, however there is one upside to these development, we get a full blown communist style dictator to enjoy in the media. Putin seems the ideal replacement for Kim Jong Il since he passed away in December 2011. So the question asked on one popular Blog is: Who is Mista Putin?

Every authoritarian state needs a strong leader that the people are willing to follow without asking to many questions. Putin has been extremely popular with the majority of the Russians bringing stability and growth to Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. The iron grip on the media, out of control corruption among bureaucrats appointed by Putin and the growing gap between rich and poor have damaged Putin’s popularity during Medvedev’s presidency however. The arrogant switch of roles with his henchman alienated many Russian from Putin who feel humiliated by his lack of respect for the Russian people. The fraud committed by Putin during the December parliamentary elections was the last drop for many Russians and Putin now has to give everything to become Russian president again.

The proven solution for this problem is creating a personality cult using powerful state propaganda. Images depicting Putin as a strong, healthy and masculine man should prove that he is the man that will lead Russia to greatness. Scrolling trough these images leaves the viewer with a lot of questions about Russia’s strong man. The blog Who is Mista Putin? has collected a lot of these staged propaganda images but also some less favourable pictures of Putin with funny comments. Go to this site and and make up you own mind; who is Mista Putin? Comtourist will follow the coming Russian elections and also post some interesting Putin photographs, below a couple to begin with.

Moscow - Vladimir Putin

Other countries fear him, woman love him and man want to be him, Putin is a powerhouse in world politics

Moscow - Vladimir Putin person of the year

Photo of Vladimir Putin taken by Time magazine in 2007 when he was elected person of the year

Moscow - Vladimir Putin as test pilot

Putin ready to do a test flight in the new Russian PAK FA T-50 stealth fighter jet

Moscow - Vladimir Putin with Kim Jong Il

Putin embraces North Korean president Kim Jong Il

Moscow - Vladimir Putin

Putin wearing some classic shades and looking good

Moscow - Vladimir Putin with puppy

Putin with his new puppy dog clearly proving he is an animal lover

Moscow - Vladimir Putin

Putin looking a bid scary

Moscow - Vladimir Putin

Putin showing of his well trained upper body while spending some time on the Yenisey River in Siberia

Moscow - Vladimir Putin fishing

Putin fishing in his bare chest on the Yenisey River in Siberia

Moscow - Vladimir Putin hunting

Putin hunting tigers bare chested on the Yenisey River in Siberia

Moscow - Vladimir Putin hores riding

Putin riding a horse bare chested in Siberia

Moscow - Vladimir Putin diving

Putin found two 6th century amphorae while diving in Taman Bay near the lost Russian city of Phanagoria under the sea

Moscow - Vladimir Putin shooting

Putin taking shooting practice with the Russian special forces

Moscow - Vladimir Putin

Putin with Bush and Hu in traditional Chinese dress