12-Aug-2012 Food Rumours that a North Korean Restaurant would be opened in Amsterdam first serviced in 2011 when a Job opening for North Korean waitresses appeared in several newspapers. It took another year, but restaurant Pyongyang opened its doors in January 2012, not in the centre as the rumours said but in the outskirts of Osdorp. Comtourist visited Restaurant Pyongyang a couple of months later to see what all the fuss is about. More: Restaurant Pyongyang

15-Jan-2012 Film Pioneer One is a web Drama Series that revolves around a Soviet era space capsule with a Cosmonaut that crashes in present day America spreading radioactivity over a large area in Montana and Canada. The government team investigating the crash starts to believe that the capsule actually travelled to Earth from Mars. Pioneer One is free downloadable and funded trough donations by fans and distributed via BitTorrent. More: Pioneer One Drama series

06-Jan-2012 Fun Democracy seems far away in Russia where Putin seems to become president again coming March with our without public support. Russia returning to an authoritarian state again is very regrettable, however there is one upside to these development, we get a full blown communist style dictator to enjoy in the media. Putin seems the ideal replacement for Kim Jong Il since he passed away in December 2011. So the question asked on one popular Blog is: Who is Mista Putin? More: Who is Mista Putin

23-Dec-2011 Fun A couple of popular blogs have started threads called "Kim Jong Il looking at things". The North Korean leader is always wearing the same grey jacket, shades and Mao suit and looking at something for the camera. He tries to do his best to look interested but fails most of the time. Comtourist went on the web an tried to collect as much images of Kim Jong Il looking at things as possible, enjoy the collection! More: Kim Jong Il looking at things

12-Jul-2011 Books Comtourist visited North Korea in 2004 and saw all the highlights that the government likes to show to foreigners visiting this reclusive country. Tourists are not shown the harsh day to day live of ordinary people far away from the capital Pyongyang. American Journalist Barbara Demick interviewed almost a hundred North Koreans defectors that now live in the South. Nothing to envy gives a good insight in the everyday life of North Koreans dominated by poverty, fear and hunger. More: Nothing to Envy book review

17-Apr-2011 Film In 2009 Danish filmmaker Mads Brugger took a comedian and a spastic (both adopted Koreans) to North Korea. The Danes have falsely convinced DPRK officials that their goal is cultural exchange; the North Korean authorities on their turn see a good propaganda opportunity. The question after seeing the film that remains with the viewer is: who was playing who here? More: The red chapel film review