Websites recommended by Comtourist

Below a list of website that offer entertainment or services that relate to the content that Comtourist provides. Comtourist crew visits these websites on a regular base and recommends them to our readers. Some of these websites belong to commercial companies who’s products and services we have used and like to recommend to our readers. Please contact us if you have a website that relates to our content and want us to link to your site.

English Russia

The number one photo blog with items from all over Russia picturing abandoned places, nuclear plants, the army and much more


Cool website with photos and history and other stories about the USSR, sometimes a bid slow but still well worth visiting

Soviet Music

Website with a large collection of Soviet music that can be listened and downloaded, lyrics in English are also available

Doku Junkies

German Rapidshare download website with a collection of more then 150 documentaries about the GDR, Russia and World War II

Soviet Movies

Website with download links for almost every Soviet movie ever made, the movies are presented by era, director or country

Crazy Guides

Crazy Guides provides communist nostalgia tours in Nowa Huta, a communist model town near the Polish city Krakow

Kazakhstan Tours

Kazakhstan Tours arranges tours trough Kazakhstan including a communist heritage tour that Comtourist recommends to everybody!

Trabi Safari

City tours trough Berlin with many different pimped Trabants, a great way to explore the German capital with your friends

Koryo Tours

British Travel organization based in Beijing that is specialized in organizing group and individual tours to North Korea

DDR Museum Netherlands

Website of the first GDR museum in the world, based in the garage of a Dutch GDR enthousiast in the Netherlands

Marxist Internet Archive

Leftist political website with a large amount of material like documents and photographs relating to the history of communsim


Riga based low cost airline with many destination in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, recommended by Comtourist


Naenara is the official web portal of North Korea with many articles describing the field guidance given by president Kim Jong Il