Photos Technik Museum Sinsheim
Photos Technik Museum Sinsheim

Sinsheim - Gaz 67B

GAZ-67B four wheel drive that was the Soviet equivalent of the famous American Willys Jeep

Sinsheim - Gaz 67B

The GAZ-67B was an improved version of the GAZ-67 and was produced from 1943 to 1953 when it was replaced by the GAZ-69

Sinsheim - Gaz 67B

This GAZ-67B with closed roof top is one of three GAZ-67B vehicles on display in the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim

Sinsheim - Gaz 46

GAZ 46 amphibious military vehicle that was a copy of the American Ford GPA used by the Soviets under the land leased program

Sinsheim - MZ ETZ 251

The MZ ETZ 251 motorbike with sidecar was produced for some years in Turkey after the collapse of the GDR

Sinsheim - PM M1910

The PM M1910 better known as the Maxim gun was used by the Russian Army during World War I and the Red Army during World War II

Sinsheim - VKK-6M Pressure Suit

Mig-21, MiG-23 or MiG-25 pilot wearing a VKK-6M Pressure Suit and GSh-6A high altitude Helmet

Sinsheim - GDR Army Artillery Captain

Artillery Captain of the NVA (East German Peoples Army) in parade tunic, indentified by the 3 star shoulder patch

Sinsheim - GDR Army General Major

Army General Major of the NVA, the red shoulder patch indicates this is a uniform of an Army general

Sinsheim - GDR Army Major Uniform

Female parade tunic for a Major of the East German Army, Collar Tabs not identified

Sinsheim - GDR Army Soldier Field Uniform

Camouflage field uniform of a Private of the NVA with M-56 helmet that was originally designed by the Nazi's in 1942

Sinsheim - GDR Army Sub Officer Field Uniform

Camouflage field uniform of a Sub Officer of the NVA wearing a winter hat or Ushanka

Sinsheim - GDR Army Under Lieutenant

East German Peoples Army uniform of an Under Lieutenant of the 1st Motorized Rifle Division

Sinsheim - GDR Army Warrant Officer Uniform

Warrant Officer of the East German Army wearing in parade uniform with the flag of the GDR in the background

Sinsheim - GDR Lieutenant Colonel Uniform

NVA Lieutenant Colonel with three Merit of the National People's Army Medals and the Medal For Faithful Service in the National People’s Army